Noise Complaint V.1

McBoogey 7

Beach parties with stimhack and game day. self sufficient runs to allow more installs with Hayley

27 May 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Is there any reason not to include a single Gene Conditioning Shoppe? Getting one Beach Party installed is nice. Two is insane.

Cyberfeeder seems strictly worse than Lockpick and Silencer as you aren't running viruses and need stealth credits more frequently than recurring credits.

You don't have any way to tutor out Magnum Opus other than Self-modifying Code. This is probably fine, but consider you are going to need 7 before you can make that play.

27 May 2015 McBoogey

it feels like only one adjusted chronotype fits in the deck so gene shoppe gets left out. two beach parties seems rad but probably doesn't accomplish too much more

as for cyberfeeder - My thinking is that only a few stealth credits are needed each run for the pumps and cyberfeeder helps with all three of the icebreakers vs lockpick and silencer that pump only single one. - especially if adjusted chronotype isn't out yet. wont be making as many runs which makes the more rounded cyberfeeder the better choice - can easily be swapped out though

opus is there for when everything is set up and just need the long run money. can fetch him with stimhack/self-mod