Unanimity v0.0

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Infiltration = Film Critic

27 May 2015 BigAl0213

This looks like more of what I want to do. I thought about adding Rook, I think I will. I need to get the dog breakers soon.

25 Jun 2015 dtelad11

@BigAl0213 did you end up trying this? I still didn't have an opportunity to sleeve it :-/

27 Jun 2015 voltorocks

Sleeved this up for a few games yesterday. I think this archetype definitely has chops! A couple quick things I noticed but don't have time yet to work on possible fixes:

  • it's memory hungry, even with toolbox. Honestly I'd love to have like 9 memory with this
  • film critic does so much work for Nasir! So excited for this card. I think it might need to be a three of though, as you're dead in the water vs midseasons if you don't find it early.
  • it draws a lot more than solidarity, but hell if I know what to pull for diesels. Maybe baby?

Anyways, as always thanks for the Nasir decks, keeps my shaker game fresh!

29 Jun 2015 dtelad11

Thank you for the comments! I have a few follow-up questions:

1) What did you feel were the memory hogs? Cloak/DS? If it needs more than 6MU then I would figure out how to trim the programs a bit, cause getting more is challenging.

2) Interesting, two Film Critics are not enough? I'll try to squeeze in a third one.

3) You mean that it requires more draw?

29 Jun 2015 voltorocks

1) with this one I have to wonder If it's my playstyle at fault. I tended to want every cloak I saw, at least one DS, an atman, dagger, lady... and oop, i'm out of memory for the rook/parasite/crescentus I'd love to be using. This may just be a case of me needing to choose between having my cake and eating it.

2) not sure whether they're enough; 3 might be overkill, but I did just want to mention how great they are and what a bad feeling it is to not have one when you want it (particularly early against midseasons decks and RP glacier, which are all the rage right now)

3) maybe? I just meant that in solidarity I needed so little draw that sometimes my second or third earthrise would get dumped off; not so in this deck: I was always hungry for more rig to install, especially in games with glaciers.

It's fun as hell; I plan to keep fiddling with it, maybe trying different program suites. Film critic (if it works as I presume it does from the limited spoiler) is going to open up playstyles for Nasir quite a bit I think, so it seems like a great time to experiment (as long as my group puts up with me playing barely-spoiled cards in my deck...)

29 Jun 2015 dtelad11

Very cool :) I'll sleeve it and test it as soon as I find the time.