Lobotomy v0.6

vvribeiro 815

The clock is ticking.

The surgeons are ready and the runner knows it's only a matter of time now. Punishment day is here and the needle is pointy, sharp and merciless. But it's also painless. And quick.

The clock keeps ticking.

The memories start to fade as the bioroid nurses push the chair towards the surgery room. That server, unprotected, had "trap" written all over it, the runner knew better than that. Suddenly the chip blew inside his arm, blood everywhere, and what was an unquestionable meat damage really felt like a wound to the brain. Severe pain and agony mixed up into the finest bad decisions cocktail. A Chrome City specialty.

Runner heard R&D was packed. The lure took him over as he ran into what was a False Lead, leading him into Ryon Knight's office. As he left the Valley, his head was confuse, his reflexes weak, his brain, damaged. Despite that, he stole 2 agendas. And a Snare!.

The clock ticks louder.

Surgery team is ready. Runner feels their gaze upon him. Forgets where this all started, remembers his mom, his dog, his favorite toy. The only things that matter now. It is time.

"Don't worry, you'll feel nothing after we're done.".

28 May 2015 dante77

Do you think about Gyri Labyrinth?

28 May 2015 Phoenix

The only problem I think you will run into is that the deck is very light on economy, especially as your ice is 3/4/5c to rez and you want to be triggering snares. If the runner goes after your Adonis you have 3 Hedge Fund which is not enough.

28 May 2015 vvribeiro

@dante77, I think Gyri Labyrinth is too easy to break. It can be a pain in the early game, but it costs almost nothing to most decoders.

@Phoenix I agree with you, but the only droppable card here is Enhanced Login Protocol, which is also a powerful tool to trigger the Ryon Knights. The only solution that crossed my mind, was to remove the Protocols, drop a Adonis and add 3 Melange.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

28 May 2015 aero

Is it bad to add 5 more cards up to 49? I think the ability would still be plenty useful, and to expedite you could definitely include the 3 melange and a couple Blue levels to keep tempo up. NAPD could easily slot as the 13th agenda, density would stay about the same.

28 May 2015 cranked

With so little ice, I think you'll find Valley Grid to underperform. The card practically begs for you to stack ice, and I'm not sure you'll be able to do that with just 12.

I agree with @dante77 regarding Gyri Labyrinth. The card is great in this sort of deck, especially alongside Valley Grid, as it forced the runner to choose between -1 hand size or -2.

29 May 2015 BobAloVskI

I recently finished making a cybernetics deck (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/21160/cybernaantics) and it was quite hard to put in those 12 agendas, the flavour of the deck, the ICE required and enough econ to sustain the deck - more so than usual. The problem with cutting econ in favour of the other three is that you will not be able to rez/score/play the other three and the runner will run all over you.

I loved the writeup though. I often forget to think about what would actually be happening between the corp and runner rather than just thinking of it as a game of cards.

29 May 2015 vvribeiro

@aero I usually try to play as the ID "requires" it. So I'm trying to be as efficient as I can using 18 agendas only. I could try 49 cards, sure, but I rather squeeze my brain and stick with 44 until I realize it can't be done.

@cranked Yeah, I know. But the big question is: what to drop? I'm still stuck there... And about Gyri Labyrinth, I still don't think it will fire that much.

@MrBobAloVskI Thanks!

29 May 2015 Shiiuga

My experience: Gyri Labyrinth never fires in these decks when you would care about it doing so. By the time it'll really hurt the runner can already break it for 0-2 credits.

29 May 2015 Shiiuga

I'd drop the Gyris for a couple of Fenris. He's a great early rez here.