The East Coast Brain Drain v1.1

Snake Eyes 4581

Re-edit from earlier today! This is a brain damage punitive kill deck, that is making use of Mushin No Shins and mostly 3 point Agendas.

Notable tweaks: Adding in a Shell Corp and removing a Successful Demonstration due to the smaller hand size. Can build off of Overwriters. I'm tempted to add a 2nd Shell Corp for a little more economy. I'll play around with that once I physically get the packs.

I played around with the ICE suite a bit, removing Archer due to the tweaked Agenda suite.

Lab Dog is going to be tested out here as a means of knocking out Plascrete or Consoles.

29 May 2015 CodeMarvelous

how does it play?

29 May 2015 Snake Eyes

If you're asking about win percentages - I'll have to get back to you in about a week on that good sir @CodeMarvelous! Chrome City will take about that long to arrive here... so as it stands this deck is only at a conceptual level.

For the playstyle though, don't be afraid to Mushin No Shin Agendas naked. Peg the Runner's hand size down until it's nice and soft enough to damage out ftw.

So I guess a little bit like a PE deck crossed over with Dead coats?

29 May 2015 hi_impact

Mushin feels like the easy way to play Cybernetics Division, but not the best.

Only Self-Destruct Chips hurt me, the other agendas I could care less about. With only 2 copies of Mushin, there's practically no need to run your remotes until match point, in which I am finally forced to take risks. Self-Destruct Chips is your House of Knives, super essential. But to back it up you have literally nothing but Overwriter and Heimdall 2.0 Jinteki: Personal Evolution has their entire deck tuned to exploit their ability.

Let me know how it plays after more tests. Some guy brought Mushin Cybernetics last night and didn't win a single game with it, even after applying Minh's 'Mushin randomly and wildly' theory.

29 May 2015 Snake Eyes

@hi_impact - Punitive Counterstrike.

I've ran a very similar shell out of EtF with good success rates. Not as good as vanilla Glacier, but still standing up to all of the major archetypes. I reject your data from some random guy last night without seeing the rest of his deck and/ or knowing how good of a player/builder he is.