Time Is On My Side v.0.1

trogdor 36

Still working some things out here, but I think the idea is solid. Lets walk through some pieces:


All two-pointers. I love to slow-advance these until I can get a Mandatory Upgrades scored. Then, my options are opened up. Each player needs 4 agendas to win. Don't panic if they have 2 or even 3 early on. While they are spending resources trying to score, you are advancing your board state to a nearly unstoppable place.


Adonis Campaign for some econ, Brain-Taping Warehouse + The Root for discounts everywhere. High trash costs on everything helps. Protect assets with ICE. Jackson Howard because. . . well, . . .


Breaker Bay Grid is the best thing since sliced bread. Stack those other upgrades and rez for free. It slices, it dices, also makes julenne fries. Will not break!

Ryon Knight exists because we will be taxing clicks. It is rare someone will get into a server with any clicks left to spend. A little brain damage does good. If they happen to have just hit Janus, even better.

Strongbox because, while the clicks are taxed, the ICE is leaky. I'd like to find a way to fit a couple more copies in. Maybe Heinlein Grid will have to go.


Here is where the deck is weak - econ. A normal turn may be to install, credit, credit. Sweeps Week has never been stronger. All those runners trying to boost their hand size for various reasons.


Mainly bioroids for taxing clicks. Bonus when the subs fire.

The non-bioroids: Turing for taxing clicks. Viper for taxing credits and maybe a click (surprised how many people let that first sub fire). Little Engine for fun. It really is a great stopping piece of ice early on. It will probably get switched for something more useful.

So that's basically it. Tax their clicks. Have more clicks than they do, win the game.

Comments? Criticisms? Snide remarks? Leave them below. I do welcome any feedback and would love to hear suggestions.