Knight Cybernetics

LimiterDrive 22

Publishing at the request of an opponent on Jinteki.Net

This deck attempts to make use of bioroids to force the runner into spending the clicks breaking ice, only to take brain damage from Ryon Knight, or a single point Cerebral Overwriter, etc, repeatedly.

Kill conditions are the Cerebral Cast into Scorched Earth, or commonly Snare!, which can kill on it's own once the runner's max hand size hits 2, or it can be used to scorch a runner that foolishly doesn't clear tags.

The Ice selection is very spread out to avoid immolation script, and to give a large and varied set of effects.

Economy is mostly from Shell Corporation and Melange. You can set a shell corp up with a cerebral overwriter under it, and it pretty much telegraphs "trap". On the other hand, you can also set an agenda under the shell corp and it telegraphs "trap" only to be scored unprotected.

It generally only needs to hit the runner twice with hand reduction effects before it gets hyper lethal. It can have economy problems at times, especially being asset based, so I've been considering swapping the melanges for Private Contracts because of this.