Ma Roids

Smogs 2

always liked playing HB, and with the recent additions of brain taping warehouse and breaker bay grid I thought it was time to bring back stronger together!

Haven't played a lot of games with it, but so far the star of the deck has been breaker bay grid. It makes eve so so much better. Eve behind a piece of ice with breaker bay grid means its a very hard choice for the runner to trash it. They also need to pay extra to trash the grid, or before too long there will be another eve or adonis in there.

Brain taping warehouse has been ok, but it usually only fires once before getting trashed, but making them trash it is still a good tax.

30 May 2015 Jashay

Looks good! Three Ash 2X3ZB9CY and two Caprice Nisei is probably excessive, though.

It might be worth putting in a third Breaker Bay Grid; without it, you're going to have a hard time getting your ICE and Assets rezzed. You'll be running on empty depressingly quickly, and it's hard to click up enough money to get the ball rolling again if that happens. (Voice of bitter experience here!)

30 May 2015 Shockwave

Have you entertain Enhanced Login Protocol or Turing?

30 May 2015 Smogs

@Jashay I would like to have 3 Breaker Bay Grid but wasn't sure what to cut out. Maybe 2 ash 2 caprice is better. It's awesome getting out that early BBG!

The cards where the numbers might change a bit are breaker bay grid, ash, brain taping and crisium. Not sure what the best balance is.

@Shockwave not sure that Enhanced Login Protocol plays well with Brain-Taping Warehouse. Perhaps 1 of might be ok to try in the late game when most ice is already rezzed!

I did run Turing, and found it quite nice. However that was before I added architect. I want to keep down the non bioroid ice count due to brain taping and having stronger together as my id. If I change the id to EtF then I can probably see Turing replacing some viktor 1.0