Big Breaker Rampage - Great Lakes Circut Qualifier 2nd Place

Ion 94

The goal of this deck is to cheat out amazing breakers at low cost to you, and to just hammer any server you deem worthy of your wrath.

As you can see, a majority of my cards are tools to get breakers out of my deck, or out of my heap, at little cost to myself. (Torch out of the bin for 3 credits or a brain damage? Yes please!)

This is the most recent version of the deck, and not much has changed over the time I've used it, as there isn't much to tweak with it being so damn straight forward.

The deck previously had Indexing as well, but for how much more taxing running can be these days, I'm now using R&D Interface with a copy of The Maker's Eye to make a bigger dig if things get hairy.