Engineering the Bomb - Great Lakes Circuit Qualifier 2nd

Ion 94

The ultimate goal of this deck is to make a runner completely broke with Heinlein Grid and spend the next turn scorching them.

There are multiple ways to make Heinlein fire with the multiple bioroid ice, Turing, Viper and Enigma. On top of that, you can also spend a False Lead mid-run to make the runner lose their money as well. If they feel brave enough to finish their run with no credits, or if they made a successful run earlier that turn...BOOM.

You spend most of your turns digging with Jackson Howard and Blue Level Clearance for Scorched Earth and SEA Source, and amassing a large amount of money through various econ cards.

One of the best things about this deck is watching people pitch their Plascretes, and spend their I've Had Worses, thinking that they're completely safe against innocent ole HB.

However you have backups if they catch on to your plan simply by being HB. Bioroids can still be taxing, Ash can protect your agendas, and if you can score Utopia Fragment, the runner has that many more financial problems to deal with.

The addition of Ryon Knight has been huge already, although Lab Dog hasn't done any work yet. I'm going to keep testing it before I remove it.