A Black Sun - BC, Canada Regionals. 1st in swiss. 3rd place.

Thike 1193

This is the list I took to my local regionals today in Vancouver, Canada. 43 players. 6 rounds, and I had a SC bye. I finished 1st in Swiss with one loss on each side, and 3rd overall.

If you told me going in to the day that every runner I would face in swiss would be Shaper, I would have considered bringing something else. Historically, Shapers have had the breakers and econ to deal with Bootcamp BS. PPVP Kate especially. However of the five I faced, I lost to a Kit with Torch and Femmes, and Blacklist locked 3 Kates. Shapers may be your nemesis, but the fact that they rely on Lady to get by barriers is exploitable, as are the decoder suites of some decks.

The other big departures from bblum's Bootcamp Glacier, which this deck owes a lot to, are found in the agendas and an ICE. First, Nebula. It is awesome. I've found that a lot of runners just aren't preparing for a 5 strength destroyer these days, especially if you use it on archives. Sometimes you can even rez a blacklist when Sharpshooter is in the heap and they have a clone chip.

As for the agendas, Oaktown is just a better Corporate War. In the previous suite I had two PriReqs, this deck was most sad when one was stolen, because that meant that the runner only needed three agendas to win. While that can still happen, this makes it much rarer, and gives you another easy way to score out. However, I'd never score the HT as anything other than the last point.


R1: SC Bye

R2: PPVP Kate with Gordian. He discarded his Gordian on an early turn, so I installed a Blacklist behind a Tollbooth and a Datapike. Inevitable after that.

R3: CT Stimshop with Yogasaurus and Switchblade. Was running BlacKat, so double Curtain Wall and Wormhole were my scoring ICE.

R4: PPVP Kate. Blacklist locked his Ladies.

R5: MOpus Kate with Account Siphon. Disastrous start, and he got to 6 points largely based on the two Siphons I didn't see coming, then I was able to Blacklist lock his Ladies and score out from 0.

R6: Kit with MOpus, Torch and Femmes. Just couldn't tax him out.

Elim 1: Loss to NRE Reg-Ass MaxX. Had I remembered to rez the Blacklist I EBC'd, it would have been close. Instead he Deja'd a Yog.0 and I tilted a bit.

Elim 4: Win against the same MaxX. He got unlucky and milled all his Levy options and a bunch of econ, I Snatch and Grabbed the Kati, and eventually scored out as he ran out of steam.

Elim 5: Lose to the Account Siphon Kate from before, who eventually won.

Changes I'd make? Not sure now. I feel like most of my losses can be chalked up to a strong runner meta and suboptimal plays on my part. Even with NRE Yog around, I don't think I'd change the Code Gate suite. Datapike hurts to check, and Lotus is good against Anarch. I used to run a Mother Goddess; that might be another good early option.

31 May 2015 TonyStellato

Looks great. Blacklist looks to be an important meta-call. Good to know, since both of my regionals are ahead of me still! Thanks for sharing the list and the write-up!

31 May 2015 bblum

0 restructure wow

31 May 2015 MrBrown

Why 0 Restructure?

Also, how did you feel about Meru Mati as opposed to Ice Wall?

31 May 2015 x3r0h0ur

Mati is 100% better over ice wall in bs glacier imo

31 May 2015 Thike

RE: Meru Mati: I wouldn't say that it's 100% better. Games DO come down to 1 credit often, and it's only on HQ ~40% of the time. That being said, I think that extra ability edges out an Ice Wall you will never advance. I wouldn't fault you for keeping a cheaper gear check ICE.

RE: Restructure: As great as it is in glacier, you already have OAI econ and the ability for infinite Beanstalk Royalties via Adonis. Because of that, I found the two slots FAR more valuable as the bigger agenda suite and Nebula.

31 May 2015 bblum

I think it's a bit greedy to go with no restructures, as most games you only get to keep one but not both of adonis and OAI, and some games the runner is able to keep you off both. Matchups like noise or valencia you need to secure all 3 centrals to lock out datasuckers for a while before getting to work on your remote and restructure is key for that. Though, I do have high hopes for oaktown doing double duty as an econ slot, so it's not inconceivable I'll be playing 1-2 restructures myself soon.

As for meru mati I think 1 each of it and ice wall is right. The main role of these ice is to protect your adonis on turns 2-4 just enough to start snowballing, which ice wall is way better at, but if you happen to draw both copies you'd rather have the meru than 2 ice walls.