kitchen table maxx 6th place Middleton, WI 2015 regional

x3r0h0ur 8633

I chose to play the cheesiest decks to get to the cut in this regional, and it worked. This deck went 4-2 in swiss, and won the only game it had played in elim vs Jens Erickson's undefeated butchershop. I got in 8th seed as the only 16 prestige player due to insane SoS having played 3 or 4 people who were top table all day and also made the cut. My lowest table after round 1 was 11 (71 entrants)

In swiss all but Paranoids RP got wrecked holding back rezzing everything with hacktivist active and wanton destruction crushing the hand. I was spamming wanton as much as siphon vs RP. No combo decks had much of a chance vs the blasting power of wanton d.

The other loss was to Aaron Andries's bs glacier that pulled out of a turn 1 siphon, and turn 2 d4v1d vs curtain wall, and later eater smash of curtain wall. He simply out paced it.

What I like about my rebuild is that you have lots of actual ways into servers between your cutlery and real breakers, femme and Knight.

In elim I played number 1 seed Jens Erickson's butchershop. I started by 2 times blasting his hand with wanton destruction, hoping to clear out kill peices, then siphoning without keeping tags until I drew 2 I've had worse and a wanton destruction, then with keyhole down and just a data raven and pop up on HQ and RnD I let loose the fury and went tag me vs butchershop. 2 turns later I keyholed 3 times and played a hades from hand with 4 credits left over to steal the game winning 5 points. Maximum punk rock tag me!

I don't think I'd change much if anything, I did run out of gas vs blue sun and a well piloted rp, so maybe another armitage and day job should be squeezed in, but the slots are tough.

5-2 all day, with sick fast wins and lots of opponent pain

8 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

Just went 5-1 in swiss in Warren (detroit) regional, but fell flat in elim after a traffic accident wiffed on 2 I've had worses in hand. Ugh. 7th or 8th place, not sure yet, with only a few minor changes. Look for Brian Cassidy Warren/Detroit regional