Cybermushin Hand Size v0.1

vor_lord 194

This is my version of the hand-size limitation Mushin deck out of Cybernetics.

I've played some Mushin decks before, and I am always happy to see one. Hence 3x Mushin is what I wanted to start with.

This kind of deck has several weaknesses. If the runner can control R&D they don't have to fear your mushin'd remotes. If they can keep you too poor to fire an overwriter, they can run with impunity. With the second in mind, a singleton Junebug (which is much easier to afford) finds its way in the deck.

Many of these decks use Punitive Counterstrike to punish scoring. My version attempts to use Snare! instead, to discourage R&D digs. You also can use the snares in hand or as never advance (since I'm running Self-Destruct Chips).

The economy and ice mix doesn't seem quite right yet. Shell Corporation can be protected by a failed trap, but it's slow and clunky to use. NEXT is vulnerable to parasite.

Like most Mushin decks, when you have a trap or an agenda and Mushin, do it.