Calgary Regional 6th place Deck. Corp

Zizzlebit 8

29 people, 5 rounds, cut to top 8.
Lost one in the swiss (got decked by a Pancake/Wyldside Valencia Keyhole), and got one timed win (probably would have won if I had two more turns). Lost it's only game in the Double Elimination by losing two psy games on top deck TFP after he hit both with one access.
Swordsman DID WORK. Managed to kill 1 eater, and 1 Atman allowing me both times to score out of my scoring server with no fear. Blacklist either always drained credits, clicks, or compete shutdowns when I installed it in the scoring remote with Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Caprice Nisei, knowing he couldn't get back his Atman and set up a new remote with just a lotus to score out the win. Cerebral Static only didn't do anything twice, other than that it shut down Wizzard, forced Kate to spend more credits than she thought she had, Stopped Edward Kim from hammering my Celebrity Gift, and killed a Hacktivist meeting so I could start rezing all my stuff. Quicksand, when I got it managed to stay on the board, and sure enough taxed the runner enough to make them really think about running R&D, or my Sundew. More often then not I usually put Crick on R&D and just let them access and install all my econ back, OR install a Caprice into R&D to be a real expletive deleted. Cortex Lock managed to fire a couple of times and kill most of the cards out of the runners hand, but never got a kill.
Other than that it's just your typical RP deck, nothing special to see here.