I Dont Want My Applause Too Long.

JahRood 9

Had this deck kickin around for a while. Still really winny.

First to 2 agendas wins. Shi.Kyū will make it so the runner needs 50% more agendas than you.

Super low agenda density. Only six in total out of 44 cards. 3 of which are The Future Perfect so no serious need to protect R&D. Paper Wall it up if you like and force the runner to find a fracter that will never be used for anything else. Inazuma can turn that stupid little paper wall into a headache.

Mushin No Shin a Project Junebug right of the bat for a first turn win. Make it a Cerebral Overwriter if you like to toy with your prey first. Or just double bluff an agenda.

If they don't fall for it, Trick of Light the tokens to your Utopia Fragment. Score that and it will cost the runner at least 6 to steal your next Mushin No Shin'd agenda.

Everything happens with a few turns so the runner will most likely have no real rig or . Crazy early pressure.

Susanoo-No-Mikotoing into a discarded Shi.Kyū to cause the -1 point is expensive. Possibly 15 to pull it off so save for it if the game goes on a bit longer. This is more of a plan C or D, not crucial.

Never a bad idea to have a Swordsman around. Neural Katana and Checkpoint work well together. If they both fire in a remote the runner better be damn sure that's the winning agenda before deciding to finish the run.

Considering An Underway Grid just to ensure the pressure stays unbearable for the runner. Ash 2X3ZB9CY could also be handy.

May consider other options for econ. Celebrity Gift has a way giving giving the runner a gust of fresh air when they should be gasping.

I actually like to casually mention before the game starts that all my agendas are 3 pointers. Unethical? Maybe. Bad idea? Probably not, but it sure messes with the runners decisions.

Any suggestions?