London Burger Time - 99th UK Nationals

Aogu 38

Went 6-1 to secure a double digit finish at the 150+ person UK nationals, the whole event was a huge amount of fun and this deck helped make the day for me.

It's really simple. Go big from turn one with whatever you can get, especially Shipment from MirrorMorph, and Breaker Bay Grid, perhaps an early Accelerated Beta Test if you're doing it right!

Aim for 7 cards in the remote, pray they don't have Singularity.

[Top Tip: Do not leave your NEXT Silver in the bar the night before.]

1 Jun 2015 say200426

Simone Diego???

1 Jun 2015 Aogu

@say200426 Yep, It's honestly very helpful, you need to score fast and early, money is often very tight, and if you are sitting on one credit no one thinks you are about to score an agenda when you stick your nth card in the server!

It's also just something else for you to install and them to trash. I pretty much never rez it without Breaker Bay Grid though (unlike Ash/Adonis/WillO etc.)

2 Jun 2015 Wakks

I didn't even notice that you've based a deck on mine until I searched for other NEXT Design decks! I'm glad you had fun with the idea. I felt that Turing was too weak to Refractor to go 3x with, but since you did well with it, I'll give it a shot. I was wondering what to do with Wormhole and NEXT Gold, seems like Turing is a good option. I swapped out a Crick and the Hudson 1.0 for 3x Errand Boy, which has been pulling its weight pretty well as a good first-turn rez, and then a taxing ice later.

I like how you just added more upgrades without extra ice! I looked at Will-o'-the-Wisp and thought it would be amazing with Breaker Bay, I'll have to give that a try though it does compete with Corporate Troubleshooter, and its great synergy with Architect.

Gonna rip some of your ideas and put it into my version and play it tonight. Any memorable moments with this deck in the regionals?

3 Jun 2015 Aogu

@Wakks Hahaha, well thanks for the deck inspiration, I did make sure to credit you in the "Derived from", though the name probably made it obvious enough!

Turing turned out really great in my testing, though you are right that it stumbles against Refractor (Or Cyber-Cypher), but then again most Code Gates will at the moment. Generally a Turing is great for going really aggressive; as just going c-c-i turn 1 (behind a Turing from the ability install) was great, since you have 3 creds you can score out (and if they do burn there whole turn, it's not the end of the world for you- I'd say 4 clicks turn 1 is a huge tempo hit for them). Importantly Turing was a beast for dealing with Eater- You can just slap one down on R&D or Archives!

One memorable game, was a real toughie agaisnt a MaxX Keyhole-Eater deck, Id scored early then got siphoned endlessly and a whole load of keyholes, Maxx lost here Levy and Same Old Things though, game ended with me buying time by Cricking back Jacksons to extend R&D. I think I scored the final 3 pointer with 0 cards left in R&D, and I'd had 0 cards in R&D earlier in the game too, it was very tight.

Errand Boy was a great tax when I tried it, and I like it, but I felt I wanted to take the deck a step faster and I was often playing with 2-5 credits, so Errand Boy was a higher rez cost than I generally wanted (similar reason to me dropping NEXT Gold and Wormhole, I kind of stripped out the late game options and went for bust early)- this slightly earlier Ice suite also gave me the space to slightly lower the Non-ice:Ice ratio, since more of the Ice I saw were relevant turn 1.

Will-o'-the-Wisp is awesome, people aren't ready for it, and it was often the thing that reopened a window if I'd failed to get all the points in the first 10 turns- also just fun, and it puts fear in their minds.

This deck was a lot of fun of to play and helped keep me sane at nationals! Obviously it was built for an early rush, and every time you 3xIce then turn 1 Shipment from MirrorMorph the look on your opponents face is priceless!

The deck can also fight back, but its tough- I had a game versus a friendly guy who'd come all the way from Barcelona to nationals! Id scored nothing and he had me under pressure, there were 9 points in HQ, Id installed and used Jackson, dumped 6 in archives- He Security Tests the naked Jackson, runs, takes money, then run its again. In a moment of total brain failure I said "no action" and he said "trash", then took the 6 from archives.... but it all pulled through and I got to 9-6 in the end!

Best thing though was the person ready to trash all the burger server, installs their Imps, I have no money so they go through the rez'd Crick. Pull back the Cyberdex Virus Suite into the Burger Bay Grid... :D