Digital Marketing Specialists - MDSN Regional 1st Place

aandries 1506

This is it - we did it. Bootcamp wins a 72 person event. This deck was the MVP, and the MVP add was definitely IT Department. Also, OAKTOWN REPRESENT. We are slowly, and carefully renovating that place.

1 Jun 2015 Captain

How were you scoring your Oaktown? By that I mean when did you decide to score it instead of advancing it further? As soon as it hit 4 or would you routinely go above 5 for the extra payout.

1 Jun 2015 nungunz

Nice work! Very similar to my 2nd Place Regionals deck (pre Chrome City).

-2 Oaktown +2 Corporate War

-1 IT Department +1 Black List

-1 Taurus +1 C;yberdex Virus Suite

Don't have Chrome City yet, but the agenda change is exactly what I was planning on doing. Am also doing -1 Cyberdex +1 Taurus now that NRE is out. Blacklist was a meta call. Tons of datasucker/medium/lamprey stuff in Colorado.

How did IT Department work for you? I know I had several times I didn't feel like drawing and just ended up clicking for money, hitting up IT Department probably could have helped a ton.

Glad my tinkering is nearly identical to yours.

1 Jun 2015 ItJustGotRielle

Really interested to hear about how Oaktown did for you. You can't bait a credit trap as easy as you can with NAPD, but you also don't lose tempo while advancing it, which seems strongonpaper. Did it perform as well as we all hoped it would?

1 Jun 2015 Badeesh

Like this very much, even the sneaky Snatch and Grab.

1 Jun 2015 ossa

Awesome deck and congrats on the win! How was Datapike in the midst of Yog's resurgence? Did you ever miss Restructure? And did you ever land a Snatch and Grab? Thanks!

1 Jun 2015 spags

oaktown was an All-Star. People known when you're installing Corporate War and advancing that it's not a trap. Why not avoid the tempo hit and make money while advancing? Plus, if they can't kill their cred pool getting in, you can do it again next turn, and then score at will. It's such a honeypot card, and fun as well. Feel free to yell 'OakTOOOOOWNN!' when installing. Remember, this game is supposed to be fun, and this is such a beautifully fun card.

Well done, FFG.

1 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

This thing is for real, I came out hammering with siphon and d4v1d and Aaron still flipped the match on me, even when crisium took half the game to turn up. A bit grindy, but can recover quite seriously obviously. Nice results!

1 Jun 2015 spags

Ugh. Sorry for yelling. Don't use #oaktown to start a paragraph.

1 Jun 2015 aandries

"... #oaktown was an All-Star. People known when you're installing Corporate War and advancing that it's not a trap. Why not avoid the tempo hit and make money while advancing? Plus, if they can't kill their cred pool getting in, you can do it again next turn, and then score at will. It's such a honeypot card, and fun as well. Feel free to yell 'OakTOOOOOWNN!' when installing. Remember, this game is supposed to be fun, and this is such a beautifully fun card.

Well done, FFG." - spags

1 Jun 2015 aandries

Oaktown did not disappoint. Always the second agenda you want to score, keeping those windows closed.

Datapike is excellent in this deck, once IT Dept sets up it's so punishing, you can not face-check and force a token without paying 2 credits. I only saw 1-2 Yog all day, lots of Gordian Blades. The Yogs I saw, I just pulled back the Pike, leaned on the Hives to get fully setup and then after IT is rolling threw them back out where I wanted them, at the outside.

1 Jun 2015 Ajar

Did you ever miss Restructure?

2 Jun 2015 aandries

I never played the deck with it, so no, not really. I can see where it would add some speed on turn 2 or 3 if you have it. But I managed to play around it, and the extra ICE was always nice to have around. Admittedly, I never got the Snatch and Grab off, it would have been great in a couple games, but it never showed up. Also, I didn't see a ton of Atlas on the day either, so I could go get it in those instances either. A long day of Oaktown and NAPDs to victory, but it worked just fine.

2 Jun 2015 nungunz

@Ajar I took second place at the Colorado Regionals with a nearly identical pre-Chrome City version of this deck. I have played the deck with restructure, but I agree with @aandries in that I never felt I needed it.

The trick in this deck (IMO) is to get the money rolling and once it does, you're pretty set. Oaktown helps out a bunch with this, but more so than the Corporate War I ran.

Once the money is in place (OAI Curtain / Toll / Wormhole or an Adonis) and have one or two larger Ice rezzed (Hive is a prime target), you really don't need Restructure.

2 Jun 2015 Dydra

BlueSun is seriously strong. Although NEH Butchershop and RP might be easier to play, on a power-level BlueSun is definitely with them. It also answers some meta-shenanigans like Valencia Blackmail etc, which can catch RP or NEH unprepared.

With Oaktown and a few other tweeks, definitely a fresh look to the Blue Sun! :)

2 Jun 2015 Wookiee

How fast does the deck play? Were you forced to use a fast runner to not go to time, or did you manage ok?

2 Jun 2015 aandries

@Wookiee It plays slow. Pair it with a quick runner ID (I did Leela). I would often push the tempo of the game. You need to make fast turns in sports, quick decisions and get rolling. I had some games where I was done with my turn while the runner was still thinking about which card to discard at the end of theirs. You just have to get a move on if you want to play this. You'll have a lot of decision points and you need to make them fast.

3 Jun 2015 Wookiee

So, did you count on people expecting you to have Scorched to make the Snatch and Grab work? Or was it enough that someone was playing resources they didn't want to lose?

3 Jun 2015 Wookiee

Also, how important was the PriReq to the deck? Pulling a free Curatin Wall is always gonna be fantastic, but I'm wondering if scoring out a Hades Fragment, to get back key cards, or a Utopia Fragment to make the Oaktowns just that much worse for the Runner would work here.

3 Jun 2015 aandries

@Wookiee Sadly I did not get the S'nG out. I just didn't draw it. I believe in the card, it just didn't work for this event. People were afraid of the SE, you have to be, if you don't respect it you just die at a certain point. The PriReq is a great card, every time I scored it I setup a free Curtain Wall rez (save one where I got a little rushier due to the Runner draw and credit position and rezed a Hive, sadly). The free Rez is awesome and powerful. But the 3 points scored is way more important to winning the game.

3 Jun 2015 PaxCecilia

Looks like a solid deck, I can't really intuit how it works though. Do you rely on Ash in a scoring server and just float a million space bucks?

4 Jun 2015 crushedguava

how do you use it department? does it go into your initial remote and then you set up another scoring one, or do you set up a new one for it? or it can happen any different way?

5 Jun 2015 thebriarfox

In a Valencia heavy meta, given how key the NAPDs can be, would it be worth trying to find room for an Elizabeth Mills?

what about -1 Adonis -1 Lotus Field -1 Snatch (or Tarus)

+1 Capital Investors +1 Tollbooth +1 Blacklist

...for versatility .

5 Jun 2015 aandries

Negative, I would never ever remove the Adonis from this deck. It is vital. Also, Valencia is a great matchup in the current build. I beat one in the Swiss, just sit back and wait for your Bootcamps to show up, good night. Try to draw out the Blackmails ahead of getting the Bootcamp, once that is up it's game over.

5 Jun 2015 aandries

@PaxCecilia I try to establish the Econ behind super annoying Hives early. Operate two remotes, one for Adonis and Scoring the other for IT, in general.

5 Jul 2015 Ber

Looks really cool.

Do you think Spiderweb will have a place in this deck?

18 Jul 2015 tbigfish

Just played 3 games with this against an Anarch deck and lost all of them. Perhaps I was unlucky, the guy I was playing against was my regular play partner and he's a strong player, but I think the deck is lacking economy - If they have D4v1d or Eater and can make money then you can't Oversight your Curtain Walls, meaning your ENTIRE economy is 1 Adonis and 3 Hedge Funds, a total of 4 cards.

Anyone else had similar problems?

18 Jul 2015 Wookiee

Oaktown is also a money card remember....

18 Jul 2015 tbigfish

@Wookiee - Well, that is true, but it's a money card you've got to defend, and the runner with aggressively pursue. Perhaps I'm just playing the deck wrong, but I kept getting stuck on less than 8-10 credits, and the runner was forcing me to rez something each turn, which dropped me back down to zero again.

I was playing against aggressive Valencia-Blackmail, so perhaps that's a weakness?

19 Jul 2015 nungunz

I've played against valencia-blackmail in top 8 at my regionals in Colorado and I won it rather handily. My fastest win in the whole tournament.

You really need to pressure them fast and hard. Quickly advancing out a Pri Req or Atlas with a counter behind an OAI curtain wall before they can set up an eater is key. Or using Bootcamp to rez cheap ice on a remote.

I also drew out the blackmails using Ash, crisium, and blacklist (when I was using it). Or even IA or IAA on a NAPD just to get them to run and spend credits or spend blackmails.

Econ is light every now and then. A restructure or two could probably help a bit, but honestly, once the Adonis (which you can tutor for) is rolling and decently defended (a single Hive usually works) the money faucet doesn't really turn off.

ITD has also helped well enough keeping a remote w/ Adonis defended.

19 Jul 2015 tbigfish

@nungunz - Yeah, I think my opponent might have got slightly lucky in at least one of the games. I feel like you also need restructure just so you can secure your lead.