Headlock Reina Sydney regional 2015 3rd seed, 5th overall

Talism 80

Headlock Deck with all the standard tricks, 46th card was deja vu, which i would now swap for a corroder, as i never really used it but it was there to get hacktvist or parasites or utility.

MVPs Symmetrical visage if i saw this early was a HUGE temo boost. Hacktivist meeting in nbn/RP games just did so much work!

Things to change Like i said above, the deja vu can be dropped for you 45card OCD people, or swapped to a corroder, (and drop knifed for 45ers)

Record on the day Reina choked out NEH, blue sun, genomics, HB sexbots, and lost to 3 RP decks, 1 in swiss and same deck for final loss in top 8 to same deck(and winner of the regional) both very close games, and other loss winners top 8 vs RP that came down to 4 points each and loose the psi game on FP so could of gone other way

Love this deck, definitely competitive, Normally the RP match up is actually in your favour but 2 of the losses can be attributed to not being able to get to a sundew behind Himitsu-Bako and then still close games , which makes me want to include corroder!