NEH Butcher Shop Sydney Regional 2015 3rd seed, 5th overall

Talism 80

So NEH butcher shop making weyland look like the good guys!!!

This deck performed Exceptionally on the day, only with only 1 loss on the day, to Valencia with Exceptional blackmail draw, seeing 2 blackmails and 2 deja vu in the first few turns and with only minimal drawing, but i attribute the loss more to bad play on my part.

On the other side

Kate ran though 2 data ravens on click 2 and it turned out TGTBT, a new mid season replacement, show how runners escaping burning builds are likely to have traffic accidents

noise - ran data raven ->data raven jack out on a double advanced server, and in breaking news. his apartment fell on his car with him in side. While noise has had worse, just not to day :)

val,- While investigating into NEHs activity, a cashed up val ran 2 ice server with a double advance , though the data raven into a Universal connectivity fee. accessing the breaking news that she was about to become the next big thing showing how dangerous it is to drive you car into a burning building.

leela - while walking around NEHS headquaters on turn two, leela found a unattended console which turned out TGTBT, it was a setup for there next mid season Show on Ripple effects of how bad things happen to bad people who do bad things, who could predict 3 traffic accidents happening to one person so quickly

kate top 8 first game- Kate was Rich and kate was Running every where, but her accounts where marked and NEHs Stocks where starting to store, as she Visited the Levy AR Lab Access to Refresh her Chips, At which point her console showed her a Jucy 2 advanced double iced server, Restocking with a prepaid sure gamble, Always bet on black! The server is irresistible data raven into data raven, but with 2 clicks to remove tags and knowing that things can be TGTBT after a earlier RND access , she jacks out and removes all trace that she was there, BUT in Breaking news later that day NEH happend to be recording at the right spot when she drove her can into a truck carrying 2 Nukes illegal nukes Destroying a huge section of down town new angle, so strong was the black her Plascreete underpants melted

in minor news Val blackmailed Jackson Howard not to rummage though archives after some keyhole so she could hades shard the Evidence!

If you made it this far

Yagura was great all day, and always a surprise, forcing out a code gate for once your tagging ice is Trivial after a midseasons,

Universal was either popup No# 4 or data raven ->UCF ->double breaking news (loose loose situation for the runner)

Utopia IMO could be any 3pointer never scored it, and if you score it, great! might be nice to swap it to restructured data pool( go look it up im sure you cant remember it) for some active punishment on your own turn.

1 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

I run private contracts in my version, why marked over private contracts? If the runner doesn't plow your data raven + server to trash it, you get clicks for 2 credits for 2 turns, much faster income than dripping in marked accounts, and it doesn't require 'constant' maintenance. Same trash cost too. I found that 2 were enough, maybe you could do -3 marked +2 private contracts +1 DBS (dbs was nice to have all day for me as a 2 of)

2 Jun 2015 Talism

Marked was never iced, played face down in new server to activate the draw, then left till the following turn to load, makes the runner wast a click to check its not a astro, and if they dont check them, drop and score a astro and then will start checking, no one wants to pay 5 to trash a unclicked marked!, its drip econ, and if they trash it, meh 5 credits is a huge swing. i had a few games where the pads get trashed and i had 3 markeds rolling, install something, click the now empty pad, do something else. main draw is it sticks around and wastes a click