Team Covenant Store Champ Chris O.

vdude 231 Found it in above link. Looking forward to the video on it later.

13 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

The most interesting choice for me to be seen here is the decision to run Levy instead of Hostages to pull that Mr. Li if things go south re: card draw. I can see how Jinteki's pinging could be a problem, with only 1 of both Medium and Nerve Agent, just... dunno, I'd be tempted to solve that particular problem with Deja Vu.

13 Feb 2014 x3r0h0ur

I agree...I feel like mr. li is a great addition to the faction, since it has crappy card draw, but 'hoping' you get 1 of your 2 li's in the first few turns is kinda meh. And levy feels super unnecessary even with jinteki being able to ping damage...just run netshield or something....

Hostage feels more attractive if kati and li are both in your deck.

13 Feb 2014 Heinrich

Chris and I built this deck together and we were both running it at top 8. There's already a few old versions on here, somewhere.

13 Feb 2014 Heinrich

I'd also like to add that the Levy is a pretty important part of the deck. With so many of our programs being hosted and only so many clone chips to go around, being able to put everything back in the deck can save you late game.

13 Feb 2014 CBTech

As I stated on the blog post linked above, The Levy AR Lab Access is to help against Jinteki. It isn't often that I get plinked to death by Jinteki, but I do tend to run low on cards in the deck. For that reason I think Levy AR Lab Access is a pretty good card, especially since I had 3 left over influence. Net Shield was considered but I felt Levy helps against Jinteki, doesn't take MU, and was exactly my remaining influence. If I had less influence to spare, I would probably go with a net shield.

As for the idea of Hostage. It could work since I am running Kati and Mr. Li, but I feel Levy gives me a more wide variety of benefits (some draw, recurring trashed cards, helping against Jinteki) then Hostage which only really helps me get one of my two contacts.

Nerve Agent and Medium are nice cards to draw into or search for if I have a lock on a specific server, but there are plenty of times where I just didn't need them. Central lock isn't really the focus of this deck so running multiple isn't that big of a deal.

13 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Well, yes, but... you have no way to recur the Levy (no SoT, no Deja Vu). In these situations, I always got my Levy nuked among the first cards :D

13 Feb 2014 CBTech

Agreed. Ideally I'll hit my Levy about half way through the match and just use it. Keep in mind that I haven't actually used Levy in any of my games the situation just hasn't occurred yet since it is a recent addition. Currently it is just theory.