Haas is Boss: Top 8 UK Nationals 2015

Bobdole 220

I've been running this deck the past few months and brought a variant to the Galway Regionals (coming second). I decided to drop a Tollbooth, Inazuma, IQ, Cyberdex Virus Suite for a second Caprice, two Vipers and a third Turing for the Nationals. The cyberdex was in there for Clot and Imp but I never missed it. I went upto three Turings as I was expecting a lot of AI breaker nonsense. While Inazuma is hilarious D4vid kicks its ass and there are too many answers to a pricey Tollbooth rez (esp. cyber cypher). Also Caprice is too powerful to pass up (she also helps with stimhacked remotes). I also swapped out a Beta Test for a Mandatory to ensure that if there was a scoring window early I could maximize it. Some runner decks these days like to snowball but the setup is often two or three turns.

One of my favourite tricks with this deck is have two remotes one with tech start up sitting with an ash, the second with an install advanced advanced Mandatory. My turn, install Haas with the Tech startup, rez her (for free hopefully with Breaker Bay) and score the Mandatory to gain five clicks. No one has beaten this deck with a scored Mandatory on the table. Even just a rezzed Haas is awful. Being able to purge, then install and gain a credit is actually closer to having two extra clicks a turn. Why not run three pointers? Well, if the runner does get past the taxing ice and Ash/Caprice nonsense then they get a measly two points for all that effort. That'll often open a large enough scoring window for an agenda or two as well. Ice is cheap (only two cost 8) and taxes any inefficiency in the runners rig. The ice placement is key, if you suspect siphon/eater nastiness, then Turing is your best friend on the centrals.

A note on Haas. Some people suggested dumping her but I feel that she's pretty integral to the deck. Haas is more taxing to steal than NAPD, is a huge psychological blow to the runner, and gives you openings to plays you just can't do with three clicks, with the fast advance option being the most obvious. Plus, it's pretty hilarious. When I played the Spanish regional champ's Wizzard deck he started laughing out loud saying "I have no idea what is going on, no one does this" as the tournament organizers take a photo of a five click corp. Moments like that are why I play netrunner. If you are trying Director Haas out for the first time, try running two of her in a deck. It'll give you a better idea of the opening plays to use her in, her weaknesses, things like that.

The deck that inspired me to play with Haas in the first place was Darkshift07's http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/15839/director-haas-glacier-1st-place-fat-ogre-store-championship

3 Jun 2015 Darkshift07

Congrats and thanks for the shoutout!

4 Jun 2015 Efildriew

Hey! I'm Marc, your rival in the last swiss round (the spanish guy xD)

Congratulations man, this deck rocks!!

6 Jun 2015 Bobdole

Marc, thanks for a fantastic round seven! I thought we would have a good match when I saw your id and it proved to be the true. I saw you rocked your way up to third with that awesome Wizzard deck, outstanding! Looking forward to seeing the videos and I might catch you on octgn sometime.

9 Jun 2015 Swiftie

I believe i played you near the beginning of the event. I was piloting the odd fast advance Jinteki: Personal Evolution and the aseops cache Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker deck. Was a very fun deck to play against by a very good player. Will pick this up for one of our more casual events.

11 Jun 2015 fevve

didn't u have some problem against imp? he trash all your economy and also against a siphon?

18 Jun 2015 Bobdole

@fevve Cyberdex was in the original deck for that very reason but imp is actually quite easy to play around and very rare to see outside anarch. Against anarch it is doubly important to protect what is in your remotes and generally you will always protect your remotes and only play horizontal against Shaper. You almost always purge against an imp play (again, having Haas out helps hugely with the purge and having a click left to do something else) and especially if it has extra tokens from a grimoire. But let's think about this for a second. They install imp for a click, pay two credits, and run. That's near equivalent to clicking for three credits and then running, so they really need to be trashing the Haas to make it worthwhile, and since you'll be protecting her, it's usually not a problem. Even against Wizzard, just tax them getting into the remote and you can economically grind out the game. I played @Efildriew with his regional winning Wizzard deck in the Nationals and while he was spending his turns running through Turings and trashing my Eve's (probably still the right call) that was just playing into my gameplan as he had to spend his whole turn doing that which that gave me time and space to build the board and win.

You simply learn to play around siphon, if you are low on credits, leave out a naked Eve and rez it if the siphon is going to land. Crisium is there as well in case of Siphon/Vamp nonsense.

@Dave4026 I remember our game well Dave! Round 3 and that funky San San Jinteki deck. Very cool. Again, I'm bobdole on Octgn so hope to see you on there for a game or two!