Net-Ready Andy, 3rd Place ANRPC Mid-Atlantic Circuit, 5/31

arribous 173

Net-Ready eyes has proven to be more interesting in theory than in practice, at least in this deck. Criminal decks are often laser-precise with card choices, and you almost never have a hand where discarding 2 random cards is a good prospect because you typically need all those cards, have no way to get them back, and your card-draw options are very poor. So in practice, NRE sits in your hand until your opponent rezzes a Lotus Field to keep Yogsucker out. For the influence I'd rather just pack a singleton Zu and be done with it. NRE is certainly much better in Shaper and Anarch where your card draw and recursion options are way better and the damage isn't a big deal. That said, this deck did well because it does typical Criminal things. Make money, run efficiently, get accesses.

1 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I totally agree. As a player I have a hard time getting my head around willingly discarding things. Even Stimhack makes me feel terrible about playing it.

That said, Net-Ready Eyes has some fun synergy with I've Had Worse, and isn't too bad with Titanium Ribs if you don't want to spend the influence. If you do, Titanium Ribs is mad good, but you probably just want to run Chrome Parlor at that point and then you are all in on cybernetics and have to gut your deck to accomodate everything. It's a quandary for sure.

8 Jun 2015 johncraven

Why not use plascrete?