3rd place Santa Clara Regionals - Reg-ish Maxx

sighence 16

Brought this to 3rd place at the Santa Clara regionals at Game Kastle, total attendance of 89.

I had a shot at taking this further, but misplayed vs RP in the elims (Vamp'd when I should have Levy'd, haven't played quite enough to recognize when I should Levy when there are still ~15 cards left in the deck). Not sure if it would have made a difference, but thanks to the people recording for giving me a chance to learn from it later when the video goes up.

3 Jun 2015 sighence

After a local tournament and now the regional, I plan on cutting Spooned.

5 Jun 2015 trogdor

I'm considering something very similar, minus Crypsis and Spooned. Maybe a Singularity for the 46th card.

7 Jun 2015 sighence

It shouldn't need Crypsis, I was just afraid of Blacklist. Knight is also most likely the better AI to deal with it, I doubt there will be two unbreakable ICE in front of most Blacklists (and if there were, Crypsis would probably take 15+ credits to get in, and that should also lose the game).

@trogdor Why Singularity? This is a standard breaker set, if you can use Singularity you can also trash it with money or Imp. It fights Ash a bit, but so does money. I would prefer a third Imp over Singularity.