ETF Bots by the Bay- Top Seed Fla Regional, 3rd Overall

bluefaithful 294

This is the deck I piloted to top seed and 3rd overall at the Florida Regional on May 30th 2015. The deck went 4-1 in Swiss and 2-0 in the cut. (Runner deck went 5-0 in Swiss but lost 2 games in cut to excellent RP players)

I decided against playing any 3 pointers since it's too damaging to have one stolen. The deck can lock down R&D late game so the higher variance isn't worth the slightly decreased density. Vitruvius counters are extremely powerful to pull back Biotic, Caprice, CVS, etc... I always try to score 1 or 2 counters early.

Econ package of Breaker Bay with Adonis/Eve is fairly straight forward. ETF means the money is always flowing. Ice is meant to be as taxing as possible. Not too worried about it being clicked through. Turing is my new favorite piece of ICE. Powerful and cheap on remotes and great against Eater anywhere.

Goal is set up a remote quickly, use the threat of Ash Caprice to score a couple of early points (ideally overadvanced Vitruvius). Threat of Architect usually keeps the runner from being too aggressive early. Late game lock down R&D and keep agendas out of HQ with DBS and Biotic, and bluff assets as 3/2 to waste the runner's time. Almost every game ends in a Biotic score. I'm not too worried about having assets trashed because I usually come out ahead tempo wise.

Match up wise, I believe this deck has a strong matchup against Shapers. The deck can get money early while shapers build. Bioroids tax standard breakers very well. I played 6 shapers in this regional and only 1 game was close. Clot isn't too big a problem between CVS and installing in upgraded remote just in case. There is a decent amount of recursion and the existence of Turing means I feel comfortable against most Anarchs. Criminal is probably the best against it due to early game strength and security testing making me spread ICE out.

Overall I think the deck is flexible and rich. I might try slightly different Ice (Bastion over Markus maybe) but otherwise I think it is very well tuned and I wouldn't change anything. Let me say thank you to Dogs of War Gaming who ran a fantastic tournament with great unique prize support. Thanks for reading.

2 Jun 2015 Oh_Em_Ve

Thanks for posting your list Michael! I was very much wondering about your ice suite that did such a great job taxing me last weekend. How do you feel Turing compares to IQ? In the past I have felt like IQ is just better as it doesn't give the runner any options but to break it fair and square though seeing it first hand bumping against it with an Atman and frowning I can see how powerful it can be at times.

2 Jun 2015 arccollie

Looks great! I definitely might try running this list with Stronger Together. X)

3 Jun 2015 bluefaithful

Thanks Ve. It was great to be able to come down and play with the Florida players. You gave my corp the strongest test of the day for sure. I tried IQ and don't think it's bad, but I'm honestly too lazy to think about whether installing cards could make vulnerable to Atman or Yog when I wasn't before. Too much to pay attention to. But the appeal of more hard ETR is strong.

I would compare IQ more with Viktor than Turing though. Turing is so good against Anarch Eater decks which are popular in Atlanta. I feel that with the amount of upgrades and asset bluffs that if the runner clicks through Turing I have already won. Turing does something nothing else can. Given that, I feel Viktor is better than IQ here since it more reliably taxing on a central while IQ might be better on a remote.

Keep the Stronger Together dream alive, arrcollie.

3 Jun 2015 Oh_Em_Ve

It was also a pleasure to meet yourself and the Atlanta crew! That's totally a fair point. I remember a game I played with Atman 4 trying to trash cards out of HQ to get into RND that was protected by IQ.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I guess we don't have so much eater here but when I play on OTCGN I do love me some wraparound for those matchups for similar reasons. I used to play Viktor 2.0 a lot but had moved to play an all hard ETR suite with next ice. Totally makes sense if you have other bioroids to stack on centrals. Or even in general 2 clicks, or a 5 str code gate is pretty serious for 5 credits to rez.

6 Jun 2015 say200426

Would you try to run the Mandatory upgrades in this deck?

8 Jun 2015 slakker

Great build. Congrats on the results. What are your thoughts on using Crisium Grid instead of DBS?