Dubstep Stirling

tzukimi 319

In the future there is only dubstep.

Music and money. That is what this deck is about. As an artist, Stirling is a well known and powerful figure. He has many friends in the industry and as a result is not only rolling in the green but also just has to sit back and let his connections generate all the revenue.

When I first saw turntable I felt this solved Stirling primary problem - he wants the corp to score the first agenda. With RP and NBN, usually that first agenda can be game ending. Astro and Nisei are so powerful that letting the first one go can send the runner down the dark path of despair. With turntable, you can easily reverse that situation.

Running off of The Supplier, your resource will start a trickle economy. I've received as much as 10 credits a turn before taking my first click. With this economy engine, expensive breakers are not much of an issue. 3 credits to break an Architect? My music sounds better. 11 credits for a Curtain Wall? Do you know how many platinum albums I put out MONTHLY? 7 credits for Tollbooth? Please, I spent more on my gold platted pacemaker.

Obviously this deck is a slow starter and the R&D dig is questionable. However when this deck gets going it truly does work better, faster and stronger.

3 Jun 2015 ANRguybrush

So Ian is the father of lindsey stirling?

3 Jun 2015 WardOfTheWoods

@mcpba More like grandson.

3 Jun 2015 tiedyedvortex

I like putting Turntable in Iain, but I can't believe you put in 15 connections and not one Off-Campus Apartment. Mr. Li is good card draw but it just can't compete.

I also question the value of having Overmind/Data Folding (which require a large amount of unused MU) along with Garrote (which is 2 MU). If you want to get your late-game rig of Corroder+Peacock+Garrote, then you need Turntable and BOTH Dysons or your Data Folding will turn off.

3 Jun 2015 tzukimi

@tiedyedvortex Off-Campus is great, but dropping it was a matter of two things. One, no influence. Sure I could drop the RDI for 2, but I've found the lack of RD pressure to be painful, and you certainly don't want to drop to one Turntable. And secondly, hosting everything on one resource can be dangerous now that Corporate Town is around.

By the time you've used up 4 MU, you should have Turntable and at least one Dyson out. Overmind is a nice early tool for pressure, and Garotte simply is an answer for every sentry (with enough cash). As with Stirling, you're never in a rush. Sit back and build

4 Jun 2015 Shiiuga

This is great. I can't believe this is the only Iain/Turntable deck on the whole site. It's the perfect console for him. Logos is good for pulling out key pieces, but you can combat that with a solid draw engine like Mr Li/Earthrise.

I built my own version last night and played a game (which sadly ended in confusion and a disconnect rather than resolving). Corp was 5-0 up, installed a card in their remote. Being game point I had to run, so I broke all the ICE and stole an ABT. Immediately swapped it for the PriReq they had already scored, putting me at 3 and them at 4. Made the win that much harder for them to get to, giving me the max points possible and still keeping me a point behind for ShenanigIains. It may be the mos beautiful play I've ever made in this game, and that's coming from someone with an unhealthy dedication to YOLO Nasir runs.

The resource econ is beastly. I was on 32 credits by the first time I ever had to make a run, and it never stopped coming.

To save MU I dropped the breakers except for 3x Overmind, and added a Cyber Cypher to deal with nasty code gate servers, and a faerie/femme combo to deal with any Swordsman nonsense. If you don't think they're needed, save the MU and give yourself more Overmind tokens. I'm not sure you need Corroder here, because there's no anti-AI barrier yet, and no other barrier that's going to cost you more than 1 or 2 more to break with Overmind (particularly if you add e3, which will also help with Peacock.)

There's a few other changes I've made such as dropping the R&DI and Source and taking some Akamatsu as well as the Dyson for the extra Overmind boost, and Uninstall as most of the breakers I'm using can be redirected/refilled. Overall though a solid deck, and being able to stay behind until it matters then swap out an agenda for the last point you need on an access is beautiful.

5 Jun 2015 CobraBubbles

"there's no anti-AI barrier yet"

Er... Wraparound?

5 Jun 2015 Shiiuga

It's not explicitly anti-AI in the same way Swordsman and Turing are. It's expensive, but it can still be broken.

If you're really worried about it take a Spike along. Only 1 to install, 0 if you have 2 link (which this deck should anyway) so doesn't take any Overmind tokens away, and the fracter only has to be installed to make it 0 for Overmind to break. Problem solved.