Self-Destruct Merlin

Neuro 95

Reduce handsize -> kill with grail. Double Merlin for the win.

This is a fast deck and the runner needs all 3 types of breakers otherwise you can kill him with showing Merlin(s) on the grail he can't break. Corporate Troubleshooter is there to support this tactic if the runner is running fix strength breakers.

3 Jun 2015 Shishu

If you really want to go for the kill, try adding The Twins for extra damage. I have an ETF/Grail deck that's been running that and it's landed two kills already. Grail retains the subs when the re-encounter, and with Corporate Troubleshooter it'll also retain the strength. Oh, and an over-advanced Project Vitruvius will get you the ice back from trashing it.

3 Jun 2015 Neuro

Excellent idea Shishu, thank you! -1 crisium +1 twins for sure. Need to consider dropping a jacko or reasearch station for a 2nd twins.

3 Jun 2015 therealwarrior

In this case you as well play Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future so your Corporate Troubleshooter will be more efficient. A twinned Grail with two Merlin subroutines will hit the Runner for 10 or 12 net damage.

3 Jun 2015 Neuro

With ETF it becomes a 1 trick deck. With CD you don't need the perfect combo and be much more aggressive.

3 Jun 2015 stash

How does it fare against AI decks?

5 Jun 2015 ANRguybrush

you won't have enough money