Stealthley v6.0b

Kopiok 278

Took my ProCo powered Decklist and inserted (most of) @NicoleyMoley's click-less draw/econ engine (props in the derived from!) to test out the differences in how it plays.

Paper Tripping is in there just because I've had to deal with Midseasons Butchershop in my local playgroup and was kinda frustrated with it. I'd replace that with literally anything else if you don't expect to see that deck, though (or if you are not as terrified as I am).

Playing with Lady in my tests of the ProCo powered deck really gave be the belief that it can be an effective Fracter for this setup. Two Lady can get you in a lot of times against most decks, and the Atman's purpose is as a Lady backup in the case of running out of tokens or hitting an Ashigaru. Using Atman is also nice in a Stealth deck because Cloaks can be used to set her strength!

I'm a little worried about memory. I've found +2 memory to be ideal for stealth decks, so you can have 2 Cloak and an SMC (or Atman) out, if needed. Depending on how this plays I may go -2 Lady, -1 Legwork, +1 Corroder, +1 Akamatsu Memchip, with +1 Armitage Codebusting OR R&D Interface OR maybe see if I can make room for a couple of Modded, instead.