Never Be Naked 4

sirris 616

My version of NEH Scorch for the NorCal regionals. Went 9-1 on the day, with the only loss to Maxx playing a miser's Crypsis.

4 Jun 2015 dante77

Great job! Do you think about Lab Dog?
Very good ICE to trash Plascrete Carapace.

4 Jun 2015 Saan

So long as the runner has no other hardware. Unfortunately, the runner gets to choose which gets trashed with Lab Dog, and against Butcher, most runners will trash their consul/clone chips first.

5 Jun 2015 nobo

1 sansan NEH...

@sirris how are you so good?

Also what did you name with target marketing most at the tournament?

5 Jun 2015 ctz

Right before the tournament, I went to him and said, "My man, you know you only have one SanSan in there right?" Then he went 9-1. Classic scumbag.

5 Jun 2015 sirris

@dante77 We aren't worried about Plascrete, since we can usually Traffic, Scorch, Scorch through one.

@Nobo715 I was this close to cutting the two Targeted Marketing for 2 more Sansans. So glad I didn't. It's best when you get it early and drop a Breaking News in a remote and name whatever they need to get in. Pretty tough situation. Otherwise just name econ.

5 Jun 2015 Kevoun

I should have stuck with this style of deck for regionals, Butcher NEH made top cut at Tulsa. Well done sir