Sage Andy Don't Play Tag with Knives v1.3

dasher 54

With 20 Resources this is not a deck that you want to play if you float tags. It might also become harder to play depending on how popular Corporate Town becomes once Chrome City is out.

This is the third iteration of this deck, with the initial decks lacking card draw, and having an inefficient Sentry breaker (Ninja). Those problems have (hopefully) been solved by adding some Earthrise Hotels to accompany Mr. Li, and switching out to a stealth layout to include Switchblade.

Have found the deck to be unstoppable once setup, but it does take a while for all the pieces to get into place. Basic idea is to get Kati Jones out ASAP (thanks Hostage!) and start storing creds. Once up to around 24 to 30, drop Theophilius Bagbiter, Ekomind, and e3 Feedback Implants (hello, Tyson Observatory) and start drawing like crazy to get your hand size up to drop Sage for an unstoppable Code Gate/Barrier breaker (with 3 Dyson Mem Chips in play, if have had Sage up to Strength 15 - useful if you are playing a HB Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers + IQ combo. However I dropped 2 of them to include the Stealth; the remaining Dyson is there get my link to 2 for Underworld Contacts). Don't let your creds/hand size get below 12 or 13 (if you fear a Wotan or Curtain Wall) and you should be good to go.

Passive income is crazy once you have all your Underworlds and Data Foldings out, and the Déjà Vu recursion with Same Old Thing is there for get back Ghost Runner if you really need to (or Inside Job, you can NEVER have enough of them!) Overmind is there for traps, but I have never needed to play it yet, and it would be one of the first cards I dropped if I wanted to change something up.

The combination of HQ Interface and Medium threatens both main centrals giving the Corp a headache on where to spread their ice to combat such an efficient suite of breakers.

Fast advance and tags are this decks Achilles, however neither are prevalent in my meta at the moment, so salt to taste.