2015 Norcal Regionals 5th Seed

turkishvancat 212

Nothing too fancy here, AndySucker shell with some stealth thrown in and a sneaky Cy-Cy, I thought it would be a good middle ground in the NEH/RP meta. I went 4-3 with her in Swiss, and then lost two tense games with her in the elimination rounds. My Blue Sun deck carried me through Swiss, going 6-1.

In Swiss I played against Cybernetics Division, RP x2, Blue Sun, NEH x2, and ETF. In the elims I played against ETF and RP. The wins in Swiss were with both RP, Blue Sun, and one of the NEH.

My favorite moment with Andy in the tournament was digging for agendas against NEH Fastrobiotics with them having scored all three Astroscripts, not having spent a single one of their tokens and with a rezzed SanSan on the board. I thought for sure that I was done for as I only had 3 points and all he needed was to draw a single agenda and have a click left to install it. For two turns we both just pounded/drew through R&D, and miracle of miracles, I nabbed two agendas and won. He told me that his very last draw had been a Fast Track so he would have won on his next turn. By far it was the craziest win against Fastrobiotics I've ever had.

Anyways, great tournament, great opponents. It was a really fun day!