Head Rush

CasMat 67

I think I am on the right track towards making a decent rush/kill deck here, and I don't think Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded is going to work without trying to do both things at once in a Supermodernism sort of way (but this is nothing like that).

Really, the whole deck is about slowing the runner down. The handsize reduction is the most effective means to that end. Runners can either install more or draw less to counter the smaller handsize. If they overdraw (which is probably the best option), they are still essentially losing a draw each turn for each "brain damage," even if it is technically their worst draw that turn. So, Self-Destruct Chips are actually great in this deck for more than killing reasons, and landing brain damage is obviously great also.

Your most dangerous cards are all one-offs. Cerebral Cast is most likely the MVC of the deck, and it can lead into a kill in either direction. Most often it's just a tag, which is still great if there is a money resource. The thing is, slowing the runner down is the main purpose of the kill threat too.

Because all of the mean cards are singletons, your recursion is to be reserved for them usually. That is, if you hit a Snare! or Cerebral Cast early, Jackson Howard needs to throw it back in the deck after you use it. If you overscore Project Vitruvius (which you should always do as often as possible), that counter is almost exclusively for your kill cards.

Aggressive Secretary is there over other traps because all of your sneaky eggs shouldn't be in one basket. There are people who run plus hand size, and there are people who run Feedback Filter. Secretary will be just as debilitating against everyone, because everyone needs programs.

To that point, regardless of whether they have ways to counter your kill cards, your game plan should still be the same: play fast, and kill opportunistically. The runner will know you can flatline them; they won't know how or when. Abuse that advantage.