Pancake Noise, Tulsa Regionals 2015 1st place Winner

siahofmars 582

This is the deck that Pacer Stringfellow Built, Played, and won 1st place in the Tulsa Regionals 2015 with the Team Cov Gentlemen. I didn't see the deck on netrunner DB, so i figured i would post it up here for everyone.

6 Jun 2015 ggDropbear

This looks very interesting! I'm confused about what Lampery is for, I'm guessing resale on Aesop's? Also, was Net-Ready Eyes legal to use, or was Clone Chip a better slot pickup?

6 Jun 2015 pleaix

``@ggDropbear` Lamprey is most likely only there for the mill & aesop sell, and Net-Ready Eyes just dosn't fit noise, since he makes almost no runs

6 Jun 2015 akonnick

@ggDropbear I play against Pacer every week and have discussed this deck with him a lot, so happy to provide some insight on his behalf (I'm not sure if he is active on NetrunnerDB). The Lamprey is for HQ pressure much in the same way Medium is for R&D - it crushes you if he can get rid of all the ice. While it doesn't seem threatening like Medium, it gets out of control once he has Parasited away all the HQ ice much in the way Headlock Reina operates especially as he is Imping the cards away that he is accessing while making the runs. He is also fine just playing it to mill a card and pawn off as you suggested if HQ isn't open.

Net-Ready Eyes was not legal at the time, but I don't think he's going to change the Clone Chips. His version that he played at Louisville had -2 Hacktivist, -1 Gorman, +1 Lamprey, +1 Spooned, +1 Utopia Shard.

6 Jun 2015 siahofmars

u guys can watch the interview with pacer after winning the tourney here :

7 Jun 2015 marsellus

How much of an Issue is Turing? Particularly when Wyldside is out but Adjusted Chronotype still missing...

7 Jun 2015 siahofmars

@marsellus data suckers, parasite, data suckers crypsis are viable answers to turring i believe

7 Jun 2015 marsellus

Crypsis is not viable, I fear. Sucker and Parasite can work, but takes setup plus is vulnerable to Cyberdex...

7 Jun 2015 siahofmars

@marsellus well... he won a 60 man tourney, 1st place with this deck so idk... "shrugs". Not that my opinion holds any worth but, in my experience with deck building these days, there are soo many options runner can havem and soo many options a corp can have, that one cannot have an answer to everything in their deck.

7 Jun 2015 akonnick

@marsellus it is effective but honestly noise cares very little about chasing remotes in this deck. With as much ice That gets trashed through parasite and his ability, I've seen many times where the ice intended for remotes ends up shoring up the central servers. I liken it to swordsman or wraparound vs eater - it is a solid answer but not a hard counter if you put other cards in your deck to counter them.

7 Jun 2015 Fl3xbyts

Are there videos of Pacer playing this deck, so we can see?

7 Jun 2015 Fl3xbyts

Also, no I've Had Worse for damage protection? Interesting..

7 Jun 2015 dodgepong

Here he is playing it in the Tulsa Grand Finals:

8 Jun 2015 ggDropbear

@Fl3xbyts I'm assuming that he swapped the Utopia Shard for dual purpose "Get the Scorched Earth out of hand" and "4 agendas in hand" games. I am very uneasy about it though considering that where I am the meta has turned very Punitive Counterstrike happy. I might put in some Plascrete Carapace and be an idiot bumping up the deck size.

11 Jun 2015 crushedguava

I've been playing this deck quite a bit and it is a blast to play. I feel there are 4 'flex' slots. The 2 Hacktivits Meetings, 1 Gorman Drip, and 1 Incubator can all easily be other cards. (I've not figured out what the Incubator actually does; it always ends up being pawned to Aesop's for me).

I've taken those 4 out and put 2 I've Had Worse (for draw as well as protection) and 2 Stimhacks (as the deck is weakest when the opponent rushes out to matchpoint before you can set up, and sniping an agenda as they're rushing it out with Crypsis and Stimhack is completely tempo destroying to the corp).

@marsellus is right that Crypsis is not a viable answer to Turing, as Turing cannot be broken by AI programs.

14 Jun 2015 tyrellian

@crushedguava Incubator provides a punishing Medium dig for NEH and Corp's that don't protect R&D well enough. Or you trash it on to a Cache for some quick money after stealing an agenda from Blue Sun/Butcher Shop.

If anyone knows Pacer, please let him know that from one Noise fan to another - he's the man. This is beautifully elegant.

I'm considering a hybrid build of -1 Gorman, +1 Utopia Shard, +3 Paige, +1 Lamprey because Paige is awesome when she works (and can be pawned once your Wyldside + Pancakes + Aesops are in the bin, and can be used to throw your Parasites/Caches away for quick recursion if you need money/ice destruction and have Deja Vu/Clone Chips ready to go). Very little scorch protection beyond money so Utopia Shard feels prudent, a fun bonus to Lamprey HQ accesses, and coupled with Hacktivist + Imp HQ runs can ruin a Corp's day generally.