Sweaty Palms, Fanatix Gamenight Tournament Winner

Dixie_Flatline 45

Creates a very tense, drawn-out, and fun game.

Thinking about changing out the posted bounties for false leads

8 Jun 2015 Dothanite

I both love and hate this deck. always created some close games. congrats on the win!

8 Jun 2015 Saan

Wow, no Atlas! Getting the kill combo the hard way =) How were the Chronos for you? Any fun Power Shutdown combos with them?

Looks like a fun deck!

10 Jun 2015 Dixie_Flatline


I never really had them out long enough to use Atlas! I tried to keep it on the edge of flatline OR scoring out, leaning more towards flatline. The agendas I did use ended up helping keep the money up.

Power shutdown was pretty worthless, as a lot of people were running 0 and 1 cost programs and hardware. But it was there if I needed it.

@Dothanite It was a fun one! I got the name from you!

10 Jun 2015 Dothanite

Haha I figured.

I wouldn't say PS was/is worthless. You got rid of my SMCs, clone chips, and my Astrolabe multiple times. I kind of need those, and this is what has inspired me to put PS in my Titan deck.

10 Jun 2015 Dixie_Flatline

Oh yeah. Man I can't really remember much of the night. Games were so tense I forgot all that happened.

PS worked for those, but I mainly put them in for yes, SMC, but also for plascretes, which really wasn't a thing I could pursue.

10 Jun 2015 Dixie_Flatline

I wish there was a way to squeeze in another Snare. DRT with 3 snares seems fun.