Uneventful (1st, Ottawa SanSan League, 15/06/06)

lopert 1545

4-0 in Swiss.

Nearly identical to the list Semaphores took the Montreal Regional with. Changes and justification:

-1 Plascrete, +1 Inti

I never liked 1-of Plascrete in decks that don't draw through their whole stack rapidly. It's untutorable (in this deck) and you have to rely on RNGg to give it to you when up against a kill deck.

Inti instead is: tutorable, costs 0 (great for install with Hayley's ability), and can break through wraparound / icewall for a much lower cost than Lady.

Corp here: False Cricks

8 Jun 2015 flott

What about Donut Taganes?

9 Jun 2015 sruman

Akamatsu and Astrolabe a great combo for memory for sure especially given Hayley's need for cheap installs, but did you consider Box-E ? Certainly not better but could free up card space, maybe -2 astrolabe, -2 akamatsu, -1 parasite, +2 box-e, 3xsomething (2xKati jones and something maybe, but perhaps you have more than enough money).

9 Jun 2015 lopert

@flott 2 influence (per copy) is a steep cost to pay. The install cost of 3 is also prohibitive, as you put yourself to -3 versus the corp in a deck that is already struggling to keep up with it's own speed.

9 Jun 2015 lopert

@sruman The cheap installs are what fuels constant use of Hayley's ability. Box-E costs influence, 4 and gives up the extra draw power, which is sorely needed. You also can't play it immediately and sell it for a profit, making extra copies dead draws. Also, with so many low cost programs, and no accelerated draw, you have to be able to reliably find MU.