Down by the Bay - ETF (Santa Clara Regional 4th seed/6th OA)

Lightningjak 101

This deck was a lot of fun to play and typically always had tons of money. I also liked the flexibility. It ended the day at 5-2-2 including 2 games after the cut.

I had been running HB Fast Advance for awhile with good success but then Clot game out and things needed to shift. Having messed around with Breaker Bay in a couple fun decks I realized that it could be very strong in this deck when combined with cards like Caprice, Adonis, Eve, Ash, and Cyberdex. Previously, the ICE suite was built with NEXT and Archer but it didn't seem strong enough in a Parasite heavy meta. I then removed the Archers in favor of Tollbooths.

I saw Nordrunner's Redcoats 3.0 post and decided to try some of the ice he had chosen like Ichi 2.0.

The new ICE suite worked like a charm (especially Tollbooth). There were quite a few games where the runner was locked out of my servers due to Tollbooth, Caprice, Ash, or a combination of them.

The most interesting part of this deck is that it can play slow advance (with heavy ice, Ash, or Caprice) OR it can play Fast Advance with 2 Biotic Labors and the Archived Memories to bring them back.

Archived Memories was an all star card for me. I used it several times to recur the Biotics or to grab Caprice out of Archives.

Blacklist deserves mention since I was able to protect it in a couple games which shutdown the runner's strategy quite effectively.

Lastly, the deck has one copy of Mandatory Upgrades. This card was scored in a few of my games, including one game where I had 5 agendas in hand. I managed to score it in a remote, and then used my 4 clicks each turn to Fast Advance the remaining points for the win.

Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

8 Jun 2015 secretox

I was looking for this list after playing against it online. What are your thoughts on Oaktown grid over Breaker Bay?

8 Jun 2015 Lightningjak

@secretox I haven't tested it yet, but I don't think Oaktown will be as good. More taxing yes, but this deck sometimes needs to be able to go from 0 or 1 credit up to 5+ which can only really be done by rezing the Adonis for free.

However, I may try to find room for 1 Oaktown. Once you are ritch, Oaktown is better and it makes Ash incredibly strong.

9 Jun 2015 xjohncandyx

In my opinion, the two cards serve different purposes. BBG is an enabler and Oaktown is denial. I feel that BBG is better in general (especially against headlock decks) unless Whizzard/Scrubber meta really starts to dominate.

Nice deck, I've been flirting with dumping NEXT ICE. Just so vulnerable right now.