Viewing Habits of Middle-Aged White Female Company Directors

Circadia 2781

A FA deck with a few twists. The ice is a mix of early (Paper Wall, Enigma, Wall of Static), mid (RSVP, Bastion, Grim) and late (Tollbooth, Archer, Flare) game. Security Subcontract trashes your Pop-Ups and Paper Walls before the runner gets a chance to, turning them into cash to fuel either your fast advance or beefier ice on your centrals. RSVP protects SanSan and Haas - it'll cost the runner 8 credits to get through and trash either with a Gordian, or they'll have to acquire a Datasucker token in combo with Yog.

Economy is standard Operations fair, with Gila Hans and Security Subcontract for on-demand bursts if needed.

Director Haas is a weird choice - I found I had 5 influence left over and no real idea what to spend it on, so I took a chance. She works very well; behind an RSVP she can safely sit on the table for a turn and get a 3/2 agenda scored for cheaper than a SanSan or a Biotic Labor. If you score an APP with her then you can replace her with another 3/2 next turn and score it from hand, and now she's safely in archives. Alternatively, you can dare the runner into making a costly run to capture her, allowing you to set up for the rest of your game. If they don't run on her, woo, 4 clicks!

Special mention goes to Snare - once the first Sweeps Week has been played runners will often operate on low hand-size to mitigate the bonus. When you combine that with reckless runs in an attempt to stop the first APP from getting scored, runners will often flatline or end their turn with a tag. (Closed Accounts punishes this mistake further, and is also an effective response to Tag-Me Siphon.) Archer and Flare have both pulled their weight as most runners don't see either coming - Flare is especially good against an early game Desperado, and Archer creates enough of a tempo swing to let you turn that sacrificed Breaking News into a scored 3/2.

13 Feb 2014 ODie

Do you find the Character Assassination pulling its weight? Could Corporate War replace it to boost economy?

Red Herrings behind the RSVP could be really funny, too. If the Runner can't break it, then they can't take the Agenda nor trash the Red Herring, which is cheaper than the Ash combination.

I really like the Director Haas inclusion - great idea. With only one in the deck, chances are low that the Runner will find her in R&D, though your own chances are equally low. Do you find yourself mulling her from opening hand or would you keep?

13 Feb 2014 ODie

Oh, and I love the deck name, too.

13 Feb 2014 jottootts

I think that the 1x Character Assassination is the agenda he doesn't want to see in his deck. Everything else can be fast advanced via Director Haas or SanSan. I like this deck concept, it's a little bit of a different flavor from the usual NBN Turbo Advance decks out there.

13 Feb 2014 Circadia

Yeah, CharAss is a bit of a red haired step child in the deck but I refuse to go over 25% agenda density. Originally I was running Corporate War but I don't feel like it ever won me a game, it was just filling up space. At least with CA I've managed to tarnish Kati Jones' reputation at opportune moments on more than one occasion.

I'd never mulligan a hand just because it had Haas in. The runner doesn't suspect her so they are rarely getting into HQ with 5+ credits. I like the Red Herrings idea. I can even see it working in place of SanSan, but then you need to leave your agendas on the table for a turn, and so its much more susceptible to Inside Job, SMC and Imp. Might try it as a variant and see how it fares.

14 Feb 2014 ServerAssassin

RSVP does not affect Red Herring or Ash. RSVP says for the remainder of the run, once they are accessing cards the run is considered successful and is over. They can pay what ever costs they wish.

14 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

RSVP does not affect Red Herring or Ash. RSVP says for the remainder of the run, once they are accessing cards the run is considered successful and is over. They can pay what ever costs they wish.

That is incorrect. Check out the updated "Timing Structure of a Run" in the FAQ:

  • The run is considered successful in 4.4 (this is where you get the Desperado credit, right before you actually access cards)
  • The run, however, isn't over until 5.0 (after you're done accessing, which is where you get the Dirty Laundry credits)

So yes, RSVP works just fine with both Ash and Red Herrings (and upgrades in general), which is what makes it so powerful. Especially tasty is RSVP + Fetal AI :D

14 Feb 2014 Chio

Even if the run is successful, is access not still considered part of the run?

14 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Of course it is, because that happens in step 4.5

16 Feb 2014 Cervidal

Kicked around this deck -1 SanSan, -1 Astro (Only own one base set), +1 Red Herring, +1 Character Assassination, worked like a dream, especially once the RSVPs hit.

I'm not sure how critical SanSan really is given its cost and this deck's lack of overwhelming cash. I like the Security Subcontract in theory but only used it once in 3 games.

Director Haas is bonkers. Being able to bomb her out for a Snare once the icebreaker balance tips away from your favor is fantastic. I have had no problem keeping her in the opening hand and have yet to see a runner run where they could feasibly get her out - if I have two ice openers, I generally put my end-run ice in front of HQ and the slow down in front of RnD.