HB Revenue & Customs

Fridan 187

Thrown together in 5 minutes, hoping to refine this over time. The basic idea is to protect your brain taping / eve / adonis with oaktown grids. Heinlien + Ash in the remote with a scored false lead will work wonders, draining the runner of all their creds.

The general idea is to tax as much as possible (hence the name) to give yourself an old fashioned scoring window or set up a punitive kill.

Now I think about it, I guess it's a Deadcoats built brought up to date. Let's see how it goes.

11 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm not sure Oaktown Grid is at all necessary. All your assets are high trash cost already. Breaker Bay Grid would probably be better, as it lets you rez your assets for free, turning trashing your assets into a tax with no down payment. For example: Eve Campaign is a 3 swing with Oaktown, but 5 with BBG.

Gotta love Inazuma in bioroid decks... That's just mean. You might try slotting in an Eliza's Toybox, it's great with big bioroids in an asset-heavy deck.