Plan A: FA (v1.0)

Ajar 1599

First pass at Jinteki fast advance. The idea is to rush match point by scoring agendas behind early Hives and/or Mushin No Shin + Himitsu-Bako. By the time Hive is down to one subroutine, the economy operations should make rezzing Tollbooths feasible to open a scoring window for the last agenda while the Runner is getting out a Femme. Either way, though, the Runner will more or less be obligated to run on your advanced remotes, which makes match point the perfect time for Junebug / Plan B / Toshiyuki Sakai shenanigans -- particularly with Mushin No Shin.

Zaibatsu Loyalty is in there because I think expose effects are going to be much more prevalent by the time Honor and Profit is released.

I did consider a Matrix Analyzer / Closed Accounts version as well, to try and keep the Runner poor for that last scoring window. That's still an option, but having no ice over strength 3 made me nervous.

14 Feb 2014 x3r0h0ur

I never thought about the interaction with Toshiyuki Sakai and plan b.


mushin no shin toshiyuki + 1 adv, swap him for plan B, then score nisei or med breakthrough 1 from hand. That. Is. Bananas.

14 Feb 2014 Ajar

Indeed. You can put the Runner in a position where running/not running your scoring remote is a lose/lose. I'm very, very excited for Honor and Profit. :D

16 Feb 2014 Destragon

What interaction is there between Sakai and Plan B? Why wouldn't you just use Mushin on Plan B without using Sakai in between?

I think I'd replace the 2 Sakais with 2 Trick of Light. Like that it would really become lose/lose for the runner if I use Mushin. Maybe I'd also use Snoop instead of Tollbooth, so that I can see if the Runner has any Infiltration or Deus X in hand, to make Mushin work better.

16 Feb 2014 AsteriskCGY

Well you can either Sakai Plan B or maybe a Junebug instead. Sakai means you can use either agendas or traps, depending on your hand. If you have B and Agendas, better off straight to that. But if you got a Junebug instead, Sakai first and if ran use it instead while waiting for a B and agenda.

16 Feb 2014 Ajar

Actually, you raise a good point that Toshiyuki isn't good with fewer assets to swap in. I like him in trap-dense decks. Trick is a nice option instead.

The thing about Tollbooth is that it's contingency ETR for when Hive is vulnerable to Corroder when you're at match point.