Exclusivity - NBN Glacier


My attempt at making something more glacial, work out of NBN. Until, hopefully, the new deluxe brings us some fancier, more taxing toys.

For now License Acquisition is there to put Corporate Town into one of your, hopefully taxing, remotes, With Executive Boot Camp you can pull it out of R&D that turn, if it's not already in HQ or archives.

For other tutoring I prefer Tech Startup for the click-free install, letting you find Reversed Accounts and fire for -8 if you think you can't slow adv it for a bigger swing. Alternatively just installing into a scoring remote and then turning into an asset elsewhere if they didn't run. Perhaps an on demand Exposé if I switch in Checkpoint for example.

But speaking of ICE, Really we still need more support... and Torch makes us cry.

16 Jun 2015 thesm17

This deck is incredible. I have playing it for the past two days and love it.

Net-Ready Eyes has brought a resurgence of anarch/fixed str breakers, and Little Engine is their worst enemy.

Every (of the 5+ or so games so far) I have managed to License Acquisition/Corporate Town, and the combo is deadly, especially for anyone relying on resource-based econ. I was skeptical of the Executive Boot Camp and everything needed to make it happen, but with Tech Startup>EBC, it's a cinch to get the Corporate Town out.

I've never played NEH very seriously because I haven't liked the play style, but I love this glacier build. Getting an early Corporate Town out is brutal for the runner and sets you up for a huge advantage.

Many props for this deck. I'll be building this one to take to my weekly meet-up.

16 Jun 2015 NINJC

Thanks for the comments! There's definitely plenty of juicy resource economy to slap the Exclusive License Agreement on to. I love that it works from archives, it's great to see them trash one from HQ or R&D, or when you threaten to hard rez it on their return trip.

I'm hoping to take some advice on the ICE suite. Tollbooth and Little Engine are solid, but I'm going to drop Chum as it does nothing to tax worst match up Gordian and Guide, probably a straight swap for Eli.

Flare is probably too expensive, I'm thinking of trying TMI (with EBC, it's a 2 for 2 trade with the runner each turn), if you can keep them spending it's good for Little Engine. Or if I switch in more tracer ICE, then Surveillance Sweep could also make it more worthwhile in the future.

Then if the upcoming ID fits better than NEH's remote draw, Pop-up and PAD can add some more brand awareness.

17 Jun 2015 thesm17

Do you like the asset blend? As nice as the Tech Startup can be, I swapped it out for PAD Campaign to get some more money (and make it harder to trash). I also dropped all the Adonis Campaign and a Chum to free up some influence, and splashing in a Crick and 2 Snare!s. I don't know if the Snare is going to be a keep, but it adds some teeth to your remotes.

I sort of liked the Flare- it trashed some nice hardware- so to even out the price I swapped the Datapike for Enigma.

I'm also experimenting with the agenda mix. I took out one License Acquisition for a Breaking News, just so that I can finish things off if I'm at 6 points and need a quick score. (That also helps me feel better in case I ever do end up forfeiting a 1-pointer to actually rez Corporate Town.) I also swapped one Pri Req for a Hades Fragment.

We'll see as I keep tinkering. I think there's some promise in this, and I want to feel it all out before I give up on difficulties.

17 Jun 2015 thesm17

What about putting in Archer? It'll cost influence, but you've got 1-pointers that you're working with in the License Acquisition.

18 Jun 2015 NINJC

The assets are in and out, but I like the basics. Trying without blacklist, or may just leave it as a 1 of to find with Tech Startup if opportunity is there.

Archer is a great idea, taxing, great to surprise the runner with when you do have a 1-pointer to drop, and the priority req can hopefully find you one for free some matches.

My ICE now stands at:

2 Archer ••••
2 Eli 1.0 ••
3 Little Engine
3 Pop-up Window,
3 TMI (testing versus Wraparound)
3 Tollbooth

But very much looking forward to what Data and Destiny brings, wanting to try Surveillance Sweep with the likes of Troll or TMI.