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M0H4WK 129

This is my fun deck. I haven't played it in competitive play, so be aware.


The main strategy is to make 1 or 2 runs on R&D and view a lot of cards. Always run on R&D with a demolition run or stimhack. First try and get these things running:

Djinn --> Medium, Darwin and Hivemind tutor.

Wyldside --> your main draw support, turn it off when you have everything ready with Aesop's Pawnshop so you get your money back.

Data Folding --> Gets you money while you aren't set up.

Public Sympathy --> Helps you save those Surge and Demolition Run in your hand.

Aesop's Pawnshop --> use it to gain money from cards you don't need anymore like Data Folding, Wyldside, Public Sympathy.

Personal Workshop --> Use it to setup Cyberfeeder, and triple Medium

With Wyldside, you keep drawing until you have the pieces set. Always install Djinn directly. So you can tutor your mediums/hivemind. Install Hivemind only on progenitor. Instal the triple medium on Djinn. That way, you always have at least 2 MU so you get the Data Folding.


Always try to get at least a Kati Jones or a Sure Gamble in your starting hand. Then setup your resources. Then programs. Tutor for Medium then make the run.


Always run with Demolition run first. So you can trash everything you might access. That way, you'll avoid getting hit by traps. IF you don't score 7 points, run again with Stimhack.

FINAL TURN: Ideally, your final turn should look like this.

--> If you get through their ice, you may see a lot of cards. Demolition the cards that aren't agendas and follow up with a Stimhack.


I might try it with Duggar's and see if i like it more than Quality Time. Maybe then I could spend the influence on The Supplier. I know that Darwin alone might not be enough, so I could add D4v1d, maybe a Femme Fatale. e3 Feedback Implants would be nice for a cheap run on ice with multiple . I couldn't find space for Magnum Opus so I used Data Folding. Together with Cyberfeeder and Kati, I think i have enough Econ running because The pawnshop and workshop gets me discounts. Mass Install is a wildcard. I could see it go out for D4v1d. Maybe Inject would be good here too. I have to try it out and see if I like it. What do you guys think?

TROUBLE: This deck has trouble with FA. It might be solved with Clot or Chakana. The first is easy to be played around and the second costs me influence and Data Folding-credits. I would just take the bullet and try to run earlier with 2 medium or without Hivemind on progenitor, for early access. Just use the Demo-runs. So you could trash a lot of their useful cards.