The Console of Misfit Toys

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"Who may I ask are you?"

"I'm Ken Tenma. And who are you?"

"I'm the official sentry breaker for the Console of Misfit Toys"

"A Femme in the Box for a sentry breaker?"

"Yes, my name is..."

"Don't tell me. Femme?"

"Noooo...Omega. That's why I'm a misfit toy! My script is all wrong. No runner wants to play with an Omega in the Box, so I had to come here..."

"Where's here?"

(Go ahead and sing the song in your head...or YouTube it. I know you don't remember it...)

"The Console of Misfit Toys!"

"Hey, I'm a misfit too! Maybe I could stay here for a while..."

Ok, that's enough of that. If you're on the Console of Misfit Toys, you can still have some fun with the girls and the boys (and whatever we've decided Quetzal is)!

Now, this isn't as gimmicky as it might sound. I didn't just scatter programs galore all over the floor, you'll notice there is a LOT of ice control (because Christmas and winter and thematic and blah blah blah). The idea is to always have a "misfit" trick up your sleeve and make it so no server is ever out of reach for really easy, stupid reasons. The closest thing to building the rig is really getting an Omega in the heap (because what else do you do with misfit toys? You throw them away immediately), then Retrieval Running it into play for...usually free. Or just play it the hard way, whatever, lol. That's ultimately all you need. If you're searching for an engine in this deck...there really isn't one.

What there are, instead, are a lot of goofy combos, but be prepared to do a little work for them (safe work...but work).

  • False Echo and Bribery are designed to work together, usually to open up an Inside Job or HQ for an Account Siphon or some other obnoxiousness. (I spend more on Bribery than any other action usually...but with 3x PPVP and Public Terminal...6 of that is covered)
  • Feint helps with the Emergency Shutdown and Forged Activation Orders (and the gun...).
  • Recon is like a Forged Act without the force or the trashing but with all the "corp spends money and you have info."
  • Parasite takes care of the little stupid ice that isn't taxing on the corp...or gets that ice in the trash because...
  • Immolation Script is just an asshole
  • But Copycat is a bigger asshole. (I have successfully stolen a Government Takeover off of an Off the Grid/Crisium Grid combo bullshit server) Now, you say "but Copycat is usually worthless! Circumstancial programs bad! Boooo!" but...
  • Did I mention Immolation Script is just an asshole? As you're Reconning and Forged Acting and all of that, hold up for the Copycat opportunity. The corp can trash the ice (aka "put a piece of ice in archives with the same name as one rezzed on the board) and kill off Copycat's time to shine...but Copycat is a vengeful little shit and he'll just Immo Script your other one. (I have done's hilarious. I did mention Copycat is a bigger asshole...)

So far, it has successfully dealt with RP Glacier, Foundry Glacier, and Blue Sun Glacier with pretty much ease. But there is a lot to think about and remember but thankfully, this deck runs just as good without a "rig" as it does with one. Floating tags isn't a huge problem unless you're worried about damage, all the resources are pretty much expendable and I have yet to have an instance where I was sitting on dead cards. Nothing really depends on another thing you haven't drawn yet to be a complete dick. Because of this, the 55 card thing...not actually a problem.

With that, you can call me King Moonrazer (don't really...still pulling from the script). Every month, I search the entire new data pack. When I find a Misfit Toy, one that no little girl or boy (or Quetzal) loves in the meta, I bring it here to my Console 'til someone wants it...or some random card makes it viable (thanks London Library).

Side note: When Drive By comes out, I am probably swapping 2 Visage and 1 Immolation Script for 2 Drive Bys, a Professional Contacts and a Stimhack.

Have fun! This one is a blast to play! Difficult as hell...but really fun!