Stealth Andy (14th Place Minneapolis Regionals 2015)

Slio9 191

2-4 on the day, not impressed by its performance. Multiple games lost to just being flat unable to get into a server multiple times when the important turn came. Feel I would have been better served by a more basic Breaker suite with more options for tricks like Inside Job. This list just wasn't fast enough to put the pressure needed on any Fast Advance list.

That said, in the games it did setup, it couldn't lose. Once you've got the full suite of cloaks and chips down nothing can stop you (other than Crisium + Off the Grid. That can definitely stop you)

15 Jun 2015 Shishu

I don't think I could ever play a deck with 1 Fracter and 1 Decoder.

16 Jun 2015 DarlingSensei

I played a very similar list and Cambridge regionals. There were more people playing Whizzard than people playing the entire criminal faction! The Whizzards were right though.

Being super efficient on code gates and sentries is awesome, but barriers really ruin your day. I ran into scores of HB decks running the NEXT suite. Silver taxes you out while overtaxing your stealth on 3+ bronzes and must break golds.

Many times I facechecked aggressively with faerie and then wished I had a killer that didn't need multiple cards just to work. Your pressure drops off in the midgame when you can't get enough stealth/breakers to get in.

TLDR The stealth suite is more of a "win more" setup than something that will swing a game back in your favor.