Pheromones Nasir

PTD 452


  • Cheap runs against non-sentries
  • Lots of single accesses
  • Fun


  • Slow draw, tempo isn't entirely under my control
  • Low credits, vulnerable to any corp retribution
  • Can't afford to trash anything
  • Lots of maths


Diesel Deck's draw is weak as it is so I have never even considered dropping any of these.

Dirty Laundry A new addition, only played a few games with them. There is a nice fringe case with Nasir where you can drop your credits before face-checking ice.

Escher For the lulz.

Stimhack They say stimhack wins games so I added stimhack. I am pretty comfortable with 2 of these and will sometimes use them just to build some tempo.

The Maker's Eye Multi-access without influence. I don't have R&D Interface so never really considered switching out event for hardware.


Clone Chip Turned into one of the MVPs of my deck just for all the Shaper BS.

Cyberfeeder Recurring credits are always nice for Nasir. I have never experimented with less of these. I don't use Lockpick as I don't have the datapack.

Dyson Mem Chip I need MU/link. This gives them. These are usually for sitting on a Personal Workshop to get for free from Pheromones or rezzing ICE.

The Toolbox I love me some recurring credits. I don't always get it. If I get it late-game I can usually get it up and running fairly quickly.


Ghost Runner I've experimented with dropping these, I don't really like them much if they clump together in my deck. They're nice to have on the go but they're more a back-up rather than doing any good for my tempo.

Kati Jones I had a slot left? I've never intended to rely on her so I have mixed feelings. Some games I feel like I never have time to click her, others she has given me that burst that is otherwise unavailable to me

Order of Sol I am Nasir. I am running poor. I actually find it frustrating at times when I am too rich to trigger it! It was even worse when I had Magnum Opus. I like that this plus a draw with Symmetrical Visage puts me at 2 credits; enough for Maker's Eye or Dirty Laundry.

Personal Workshop Can be very frustrating not to see this but I am less reliant on it than I used to be.

Symmetrical Visage I am too poor for Earthrise Hotel so I rely on the baby. Who the hell has 4 credits all at once? Not me for sure. Still, I feel I am defaulting to clicking for credits/cards far too much.


Atman My silver bullet, I set it at 4.

Cerberus "Lady" H1 Everyone loves the lady. It's rare for me to run out of tokens though it is a serious threat at times. It's just a solid choice at no influence cost

Femme Fatale This is just here as a force of habit. I have never had an iteration without a singleton femme. It's really expensive for me, I usually eventually sit it on Personal Workshop and threaten the install. Ok no, that's what I want to do with it. I usually toss it in the heap. It may be a leftover from when I was using Test Run x3.

Mimic Screw sentries.

Study Guide Super fun with recurring credits and lets me do incredibly cheap runs, which is the only way I am affording runs. Can ruin glacier combined with Paintbrush


Cache I used to use 3 of these but then I dropped them to save the influence. I really did like it then. I got a single one now to do hijinks with Clone Chip. A burst of 2 credits can best my nemesis, NAPD. shakes fist

Crescentus Not really gotten to use this much yet, as everyone has been using too cheap ice since I put it in. It seems a sensible thing to have? Hell, it is almost an economy card for Nasir.

D4v1d This is great. Deals with the big sentries and can really net me some credits when I run into fresh ice and break it with this.

Paintbrush 10 strength Study Guide + this = click through any ice.

Pheromones This card can be hilariously fun in combination with Study Guide and Personal Workshop. There have been games where I can install The Toolbox for 2 clicks; 1 to host it on PW then 1 to run HQ.

Self-modifying Code Ehh it just seems like something you are supposed to add? I am often too poor to use it but I think that is an entirely different problem, the problem of me rarely going above 3 credits.

17 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm surprised you aren't running any combination of HQ Interface/Legwork/Nerve Agent, Sneakdoor Beta, or Scrubber/Paricia/Imp to capitalize on your Pheromones. Pheromones is a really cool card in shaper, and even cooler on Nasir or any other Personal Workshop runner, but it seems like a waste to just do single accesses and be seeing ICE and operations you can do nothing about.

17 Jun 2015 PTD

HQ Interface I have tried a few times but I found it a lot of influence to commit for something that I never seemed to find when I wanted it. When I got it early it was usually too expensive to do anything with.

I suppose Nerve Agent would be a good call as then I can at least tutor it whenever I am going to get use out of it. I think I have been afraid to use it due to it being more virus counters; I think I have been mistakenly not wanting the corp to purge. Still, no idea where to free up the influence for this. Maybe dropping Femme Fatale and Cache?

When it comes to trashing I would seriously love Imp but I am having to pick between that and D4v1d. I've not actually tried it without D4v1d yet, maybe it has been a bit of a crutch for me? Worth a go.

Scrubber I don't really want to use based on my experience with HQ Interface, finding a copy of this at the right time seems difficult in my mind. Maybe swapping out a Ghost Runner for a Paricia would be enough, that would give me a tutorable answer for when they go horizontal. I've had some horrible experiences due to not being able to deal with must-trash assets/upgrades, it is definitely something I need to figure out a way to deal with. Maybe I found the place where Skulljack works?...Nope, still terrible...