Modern ST

Four_Leaf 93

The most recent version of ST I've been playing. This is modernized as I move away from asset based economy due to the influx of whizzard everywhere, and people running scrubber in a lot of lists. We are mostly operation based now, so it should hold up a bit better.

I'm testing Chum and liking it so far. Feels troublesome if they don't have Net Ready Eyes for most anarchs right now.

I'm still running all bioroids and recently cut 2 architects to see how I feel about them missing. I'll probably put them back in, they're amazing when they land.

Still using Celebrity Gift as I want the burst econ. I put in 2 Restructure to help.

ST is still incredibly weak, whether or not half your ice is ETR or full bioroid like this. I play this deck fully for fun.