Haley's Hardware Store v4

DarkTsunder 44

This is a deck I have been working on for a while now. I am not alone in this, as there are many variation of Stealth Haley running around nowadays. Some of which have done very well for themselves.

The first version of this deck focused on cheap hardware, it did not have Cloak and ran three of the stealth credits. Honestly it was not very good. as I have spent time with it, it has evolved into what you see before you.

Replicator- This is a corner stone of the deck. It is pretty self explanatory. If you see one early, it accelerates you greatly. I have yet to play game where I see it and it is too late to benefit from installing. I have seen people install more than one Replicator. Don't install more than one replicator.

Feedback Filter- Not usually relevant, but a decent one of, especially with the resurgence of Cerebral Overwriter. Mostly it is here because Every card is important, and you don't want to lose any if you can help it.

HQ Interface- There are no SOTs so Legwork doesn't help. This is the Hardware store, it goes on the workshop. One might argue for Nerve agent in this setup, but the memory is already intensive enough. And speaking of workshop...

Personal Workshop- This is what you want, second to Mopus. Even one of these will save you a bunch of time and money. More importantly, you can double install on the Corporation's turn. Hopefully triggering replicator. A great opening is to install this and the demon baby (Symmetrical Visage) and begin drawing for a credit in addition to hosting items.

Scrubber- If you can use it, it is an efficient splash. It gains its money back on the second use and profits on the third.

CyberSolutions Mem Chip- This is probably the biggest difference between other stealth decks. Yes, it costs three more than Akamtsu. However, it an be made cheaper on the workshop, and gives 2 memory instead of one. Allowing you more freedom with programs if you only see it early with no replicator. Also, we are running Mopus econ, the hit is not as hard as it would be in a resource based deck.

Magnum Opus- Mopus economy suites have gone by the wayside with the strength and undeniable burst of prepaid and other decks. This deck type is so heavy on tools and moving parts, that there is no space for other economy to work properly without cutting hardware. And we can't run a hardware store out of our workshop without hardware!

Atman- Atman lets you deal with items such as Excalibur. More importantly, it lets you deal with type stacking. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is where you stack all of your ice of a single type in an effort to remove resources. Code gate/sentry stacking against stealth breakers, as well as barrier stacking vs. Lady.

Haley tricks with Workshop and Replicator: Just a little summary of ways to trigger Haley installations if you aren't as aware of them.

Install replicator and then something else- this lets you thin your deck of two different cards and fetch a second useful card immediately.

Use a program installation from clone chip/workshop/SMC to install your final breaker/clot mid turn or during a run.

Use personal workshop to install twice on their turn.

Install two resources! It doesn't come up as much in this deck, but take all the click compression you can get. You may not want to use a click to install that 2nd workshop, but you can easily do so while getting out a Ghost Runner.

Overall, nothing new conceptually; but a different approach regardless.

19 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

This is pretty much exactly the kind of deck I feel Hayley is meant for. The click compression is just insane, and there are nine cards in the deck that get you rolling first turn. Beautiful.

A couple of concerns:

You are going to be running yourself out of cards and credits frequently (awesome) which means that Plascrete Carapace will show up soon, but until it does meat damage feels scary. I'm not sure what to do about it other than Tyson Observatory, but there's not really any room. Play carefully I guess.

Astrolabe... I really wish there was a better option for your console slot, but the draw is really important, even if inconsistent. Shapers need a stealth console.

The Toolbox would offer you more memory and let you use more of your actual credits on installs. You can cook it on a Personal Workshop for a bit to make it cheaper and you have CyberSolutions Mem Chip for in the meantime but... I don't know. This is a hard call. Vigil or Logos would be really nice and do what Astrolabe does in a different way.

20 Jun 2015 sruman

Agree with suggestion for the Toolbox. Alternatively personal workshop really calls out for stimhack in which case box-e becomes appealing for the 2 MU and the extra hand size for 4 credits.

22 Jun 2015 DarkTsunder

@FarCryFromHuman Yea, damage is scary for this deck, but unless you feel the need to act, you can generally wait and money up to prevent that sort of thing (Delivery Service decks not withstanding.) I will look into the The Toolbox. Maybe replacing one Cyber to have 2 copies so it can go on the workshop earlier.

@sruman The problem with Stimhack in this deck is that it tends to install one or two small things at a time, and likes to do it on the corporations turn when possible. I can see it getting several copies of the larger pieces out using the triggered install and Replicator, so I may do some experimentation (replacing Scrubber). The unpreventable damage is the main consideration for not using this method of installation though.

The main problem with the other consoles is that they cost influence. Influence is very tight. I like the idea of Vigil, the more consistent extra draw would be nice if you see it, as would the search function from Logos. However, the influence cost would keep from being able to run the HQ Interface or Clot. Box-E is not to be dismissed, as it comes to the table with less influence and more memory. However, it clashes with the purpose of using the Cyber chips for the extra memory, having the same installation cost and just a handsize bonus.