Kool "the Commet" Kenma

Dydra 2773

Work in progress

20 Jun 2015 666Raziel

Don't you want to try Notoriety with this concept ?

20 Jun 2015 Dydra

@666Raziel Yeah, it's a pretty possible. :) I like Notoriety in Doppelgänger decks though. If you do the math though, it's pretty much the same.

20 Jun 2015 badbones777

Like it! Think Earthrise will be a real value card with career fair, and I have tried using it with Daily Casts and yeah, it's great!

Maybe consider some additional Decoder support as you evolve the deck? Only 'cos once Rexy has done his work, the likes of Quandary/Enigma/Lotus Field on remotes could prove a little problematic depending on where they are in a server

20 Jun 2015 666Raziel

Comet can be more usefull. When you are setting up your rig you can do Sure Gamble + Special Order / Career Fair.

20 Jun 2015 Glitch

I agree with @badbones777, you may have some difficulty with remotes if your opponent has a Code Gate over them. Maybe replace Wanton Destruction and Passport with Gordian Blade and a Planned Assault? You could use the spare influence for Mimic. These are just rough ideas, the deck looks great and really fun.

21 Jun 2015 DJP

I have been working with this list for the same idea netrunnerdb.com

22 Jun 2015 Dydra

The point of using Kenma for this deck is his ability and 17 influence. I want to incorporate the best run-events from other factions while having the Commet support for Event Economy. Basically Event Econ - Commet - into Run event. I might consider Crypsis as an option if they stack code gates into the remote.

Imho, Inside Job + femme + Rex should take care of the Code Gate stack for 1 or 2 runs, when/if I really need to get into the remote. If they want to bait me into using my Rex tokens ... well, that's another thing completely :)

Only thing I'm a little hesitant about is the Career Fair, since its only targets are Daily Casts and Earthrise Hotel ... I wish there was 1 more 2-3c cost resource that was worth playing in this deck :\

22 Jun 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Dydra You could run Oracle May but that would eat into your influence as you'll have to include stuff like Déjà Vu then. You could run John Masanori for more draw or Crash Space tho you don't seem to be concerned about tags anyway.

I share the same concerns about Cerberus "Rex" H2 as your only codegate breaker personally id just stick a Peacock in their i find it's good enough not brill by any means but not really bad either.