Stealthley v9.0 - Top 16 Philly Regionals (5-2) - 94 players

Kopiok 278

I got in the top 16 (14th, to be exact) in the Philly regionals out of 94. Yay! Cut was top 8, though. Boo! This is the runner deck I took. One loss was from NEH Fast Advance where I used an SMC to get out a Clot early... and then didn't draw an SMC or breaker or clone chip through half the deck. The other was against a non-kill glacier Blue Sun, which is probably one of the worst matchups for this deck (though I did beat a killy Blue Sun). Best matchup by far was RP.

This is a stealth Hayley that I had been working since before she won the Uroboros cup. This list is ProCon based, not clickless draw. I did import Career Fair out of that deck, though and it's phenomenal. Being able to potentially get out a ProCon for 2 credits is awesome on its own, but they're also great for tacking on a 3 credit gain on a Daily Casts install. I also used them on Kati which, while not as good as a Daily, was mighty convenient. Modded does the same thing but with the R&D Interfaces or a breaker, if you happen to draw it. Plus you get to piggyback an install off of both of them! I am in love with both of these cards.

Most of the discussion about ProCon vs. clickless draw seems to be speed of setup. I find that I am able to set up tremendously quickly with ProCon. A normal turn is usually ProCo, ProCo, ProCo, install x2 (or sometimes ProCo, ProCo, install x2, take money from Armitage/place on Kati). That's an absolute ton of credits over the course of the game. The majority of the hardware is just 1 credit to install, and ProCo gets you the credits you need as you draw them. You can then burst up with Armitage (which is also 1 to install, along with Ghost Runner!) and install on the cheap with Modded and Career Fair to get a stable base-line econ and full board setup. You draw very aggressively and only make a move when opportunistic. This deck tries to set up quickly for total R&D lock by the mid game while being able to threaten in the early game via stealth efficiency.

The one-of Kati Jones was MVP of this deck. Armitage is important for giving you the burst up after ProCo, but during long games they don't provide the extended economy necessary. You (should) regularly draw to near the end of your deck, so you see her most times. Armitage is better for bursting up in the early game so I don't necessarily want to see her then (though she's still not bad if you see her early), so I think she's perfect as a one-of.

I put in two Astrolabe and one Akamatsu, rather than one and two, respectively, to speed up the game vs. NEH decks. It's very nice, also effective against RP. You really need at least the one extra memory, but two is excellent, so I keep the Akamatsu.

Atman is great as a utility breaker. I usually will set her to 4 to deal with Eli (which happened this tournament) and Ashigaru, instead of relying on Corroder since that gets 'spensive real fast. She's a great Modded target and you can use Cloaks to set her strength!

The Levy is in there as an insurance policy that I didn't need at this regional. The deckslot might be better off as a third Modded, but when you need a Levy....

Having two Plascretes saved my bacon today. #TwoPlascreteMasterRace

22 Jun 2015 Grimwalker

I'd really like to fit Net Ready Eyes in here somewhere as it's a tremendous savings over time and makes Dagger much more viable. Free up influence for a Scrubber to deal with all the Asset/Upgrade shenanigans out of HB, RP, and NEH.

22 Jun 2015 Kopiok

@Grimwalker I'm not really sold on Net Ready Eyes with Dagger in this list. The only sentries that are 6 strength you'd have to look out for are Archer and Flare, so mostly just Archer. Anything else and you'll have to use two stealth credits anyway. I don't think it will save you so much that it's worth the card slots and meat damage. As far as using Dagger instead of Switchblade, I've seen that come up a lot. In all of my games, between Cloak, Silencer, and Ghost Runner, I've never run out of stealth credits to power Switchblade (and that's even with just two Silencers). The number of credits saved by being able to break all subroutines with one stealth credit is tremendous. I've tried both and Switchblade is just saves so much money in comparison. Especially with all of the multi-sub, stackable sentries like Pup, Architect, Ichi 1.0(!), and especially Tsurugi. You can end up saving 2, 3, 4 real credits per run with Switchblade.

The Scrubber idea I like, though. Maybe drop a Career Fair for an influence for one... maybe finagle in a couple of Lady instead of Corroder and slot in two Scrubbers... The issue then becomes deckslots, though, and they're already really tight. The Scrubber would help, though, against those tough match ups.

22 Jun 2015 Kopiok

I just had the thought that perhaps dropping Clot and Levy for two Scrubber might be viable, since they would fill a similar purpose as Clot (slow down NBN FA) while not being quite as dead against other decks. Plus, they make for a decent Career Fair target. It requires experimentation!

22 Jun 2015 Grimwalker

@Kopiok You make a good point on Switchblade's savings in breaking multiple subroutines. I've been playing Dagger since it came out in C&C and I love it so, and I'm really mad that Switchblade exists, because Dagger's an amazing killer, except that Switchblade exists.

Cerberus "Lady" H1 I don't like as much because then you just wither and die against Blue Sun...with only the one Levy you can just get locked out forever.

I think I'll definitely test Scrubber instead of Clot. I don't know if Levy will be the card I drop, or if I'll just live with it at

22 Jun 2015 Grimwalker

46 cards.

23 Jun 2015 DarlingSensei

I've been trying this list out and it's excellent! Most lists have Akamatsu Mem Chip as the mem chip, but I was wondering if you ever tried upping the modded count and playing CyberSolutions Mem Chip. I find myself in weird situations where I really want that next cloak or 3rd breaker, but I'm stuck on 5 memory and digging frantically for the next +1.

23 Jun 2015 NicoleyMoley

Great to see more Stealth Hayley lists doing well, and glad you found my Career Fair include worked for you too (it's bananas in resource Hayley!). Totally agree with your breaker suite, and the Clot include. Do you find you get much use out of your Moddeds? I used to have them in my deck but dropped them because I found they often just sat in my hand while I waited for decent targets to use them on, as most of the hardware & programs are less than 3 creds to install anyway, or get SMC'd.

23 Jun 2015 Kopiok

@NicoleyMoley I actually did get very good use out of the Moddeds. I almost always used them on R&D Interfaces, but I was occasionally able to use them on Switchblade. I do think that 2 is the right number for this list, not 3, since most of the times the breakers are brought out through SMC. They made the hit from R&D Interface almost non-existent and the majority of time I found it no problem at all to let one or the other sit in my hand until the next piece came up. If I were to replace them then I'd want to replace them with more economy, but there's not really any other economy cards left to slot that are as click-efficient.

You could make the same argument with Career Fair in this deck, too, since the only targets are ProCon and Daily Casts (and Kati, to a lesser extent). I honestly had them sitting in my hand/thrown out more than Modded due to the fact that I would usually want to install Daily Casts ASAP anyway. They're still in that very click-efficient econ space, though, so I still found them useful. Plus, the chance for a turn 1 ProCo at 2 credits is too much to pass up.

Side note, I'd also absolutely want as many Modded as possible in a deck that slotted Lady instead of Corroder.

@DarlingSensei That's not a terrible idea! More Modded targets are always nice. I'd run Box-E in this list for a while in the middle of testing. I agree that +2 memory is the ideal, letting you sit an SMC with 2 cloaks and 2 breakers out. That said, during a normal game I don't think the extra memory is worth the extra install cost (without Modded) for the bigger memory cards. I was generally fine with just the one-of Akamatsu Mem Chip/Astrolabs. If anything you may want to just replace one of the Astrolabs with an Akamatsu, depending on how you find the speed of the deck working vs. NEH.

23 Jun 2015 NicoleyMoley

@Kopiok I think I have more CF targets in my list than you because you only play the first copy of ProCo that you see whereas I run 2x Earthrise, but I see your point! I'd like to have Modded but I love the Diesels in my list too much to give them up for it :P It's a neat list though I'll definitely give this ProCo based engine a go soon!