The Credit Swing - Verdun, Canada Regionals, 6th Place

Scorpi12 108

It's a Gagarin kill-deck! That made the Top 8 at a Regional!

28 players, the deck lost 1 game before cut to Top 8, where it lost to a Valencia, then won to another Valencia with almost the same deck, and thankfully I was knocked out before I faced ANOTHER Valencia.

The idea is that cards such as Capital Investors and The Root are too dangerous to leave on the board, so a runner has to put in some effort to trash them - in the process, paying more to Gagarin's ability, usually giving me an extra credit thanks to Paywall Implementation, and crucially, making a successful run.

Most of my opponents were pretty careful to not let me out-money them - which is where the Posted Bounty comes in (and in the end, did more for tagging the runner than SEA Source did).

Meanwhile, careful runners tend not to run - flatline or not, many games saw me get within range of a scoring win.

Snare! is there to keep my centrals scary, since Gagarin's ability diverts the runner into running R&D and HQ more than usual.

Cortex Lock, obviously, is cheap ICE that people don't expect. It doesn't always hit, since it loses so much power in the mid-game, but the impact when it does is tremendous.

Executive Boot Camp helped in the Valencia match-ups, of which there were many. Pulling a Snare! into HQ in the middle of a Legwork is also pretty fun.

Admittedly, the deck is all over the place. The next iteration drops the Power Grid Overload, Errand Boy, one Snare!, in favour of more Paywall and an advanceable trap or two.

22 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

I recommend tech startup, it finds what you need (root) and jacksons as needed. Add in breaker bay so that you can rez the root for 1 credit, and everything else for free. It works really well, and has no cost to you besides the install click!

22 Jun 2015 Scorpi12

Wow, how did I forget about Tech Startup! That was definitely one I'd meant to include when first making the deck and just forgot about. Thank you!

That being said, since I'm experimenting with adding a Ghost Branch or two in the next version, I don't know if I want more cheap-to-trash assets in my R&D. Still, I'm definitely going to test it. Assuming I have Paywall out and I have it in a remote, that's another 3 credit swing for 1 click, and a Root/Investors if they don't run.

17 Jul 2015 Bigguyforyou518

I would honestly suggest dropping The Root. Your deck is operation heavy and ICE-light, and your other assets are either free or less than 3's to rez. Unless you're really devoted to advancing those Ice Walls andFire Walls, I think your deck will perform fine without it.

I hear you on the Cortex Lock, and as Quin says in his Gagarin deck, "it's the most fun you can have for 2 credits". The problem, which you alluded to, is that it's a big dud unless you get it early. My policy is, cards that you need early in order to work, you should include 3 copies of (increasing your Paywalls to 3 was a good call) or you need tutors for them.

I'd definitely 2nd the suggestion to include a Tech Startup or two, depending on what asset suite you end up with. It does work very well with Capital Investors, since you can rez and click it 3 times before the runner has a chance to respond to it. Hilariously, you can also use to to tutor Executive Boot Camp if you really need it for Leela or Valencia.

On the subject of Capital Investors, how annoying do you find it is to protect them? For me, the answer was very, so I switched them to Private Contracts, which defends itself more or less with a large cost and the comfort to the runner that it's only temporary econ (I say "temporary", but I don't know that I've ever successfully clicked a Capital Investors more than 7 times anyway before it got trashed).

Food for thought! Love the deck!