Silhouette in London 1.0

Dydra 2773

This is a version I made of stimmyrobbins's deck. I really love the split between resource and HW and the speed this deck has.

I just made a very few changes which I feel are stronger than the original.

I'll be testing this out extensively tomorrow.

Cheers, D

23 Jun 2015 Dydra

I made some very legit and interesting games today. Will update to 2.0, because the deck is legit.

24 Jun 2015 Elodius

what about data folding for daily casts? and inti for corroder as a fracter for wraparound? it's free and frees up 1 infl to switch 1 plascrete for a utopia shard, which also has use if not playing scorched decks. Box-E, 1 plascrete and utopia seem enough protection against scorched decks? That's how i tested it yesterday anyway.

24 Jun 2015 Dydra

Those are reasonable changes. From my experience, the deck felt just slightly down on the econ side ... and I mean just slightly

So the changes that I made are -1 Plascrete Carapace and -1 e3 Feedback Implants , on their place + 2 Data Folding / +2 Security Testing.

I haven't thought about replacing the Daily Casts themselves as Data Folding ... maybe those 3 need to be tested out to see which best fits the deck, but imo maybe Daily Casts has a slightly speedier net gain, than DF.

I like Corroder cuz when you drop him down you can eat through Eli 1.0 for 2c each. Pretty powerful when you are about to make a play.

I reached one conclusion yesterday while playing ... and that was that the expose power is severely understimated in the current meta, where as I feel that it's really strong.