Future Sanity v1.1

Pinkwarrior 2294

v 1.1

I've had chance to get alot of games behind this deck now and man do i love it. Playing sideways in HB really throws the runner off and it dosn't take long till the fear sets in. The click efficiency in this deck gets you moving really quickly and the lower ICE actually seems like too much since i rarely bother to ICE remotes.

Mushin No Shin is excellent and on occasion i've gotten an over advanced Project Vitruvius just so i can keep doing it or theirs the classic Mandatory Upgrades which can just win games.

I've won more games than i've lost and killed a few runners but i've enjoyed every game and the games I've lost have always been close. I've not found anything that I've felt I've needed to change however i feel the Next suite isn't getting it's potential use in here since i play so few ICE, as a result i decided to remove the NEXT Silverand try out Markus 1.0 in this slot. I feel NEXT Bronze is good enough value on its own and can get stronger i am not sure about NEXT Gold it always forces the break even on its own but is costly for its effect the Mother Goddess however is excellent if they have no AI i have been able to leave it on R&D and not res any other ICE all game

The deck is built with kill and fast advance in mind, Mushin No Shin into Mandatory Upgrades / Cerebral Overwriter can be game winning assuming you pull it off.

The ice is on the low end but been able to play the shell game helps and snares can stop a runners aggression.