Where is my Head? 1.0

spore 44

WARNING: This is not a great winner deck, it is a very enjoyable deck thou and most of my opponents admired the paradigm shift that came with the setup.

I played this deck on a GNK tournament loosing almost every game with it, so maybe you have some ideas for improvement.

My idea for this deck was to build a save remote server with at least 4 ICE on it, including a Turing, Quicksand and any other ICE that is not an Architect. Behind it in the salty Valley Grid agendas and the Shell Corporation have a save place.

If the runner achieves the "You have lost almost all your hand size but one" by Self-Destruct Chips and brain damage, Chairman Hiro will finish the game.

Economy works well in this, as soon as you have the Shell Corporation out on the table and connected to a Cerebral Overwriter or a almost unbreachable server, you're set.

As some future improvement, I might exclude the 3 Project Wotan for the Fragments.